Valentine’s Day is often associated with finding suitable gifts, writing Valentine’s Day cards, and many flowers. But if you are one of those couples for whom the day of love does not mean hours of shopping, stress and money for gifts, then you are in the right place! Valentine’s Day is just a day of the year when we pay more attention to loved ones and spend loving time together. This time does not mean for us a special trip to Maldives, but the daily activities – romantic dinner, breakfast in bed, sometimes prepared as Valentine’s surprise. And to make a delicious dinner taste better and more special, a festive

The effect of the colors of the table decoration on Valentine’s Day is a crucial factor. Love is not only through the stomach, but also through the eyes. And when it comes to the colors that arouse romantic feelings, we put the red color in the first place. Helpful tips on how to decorate your Valentine’s table in red, as well as a stunning example, we will show you right away!

Put up the vase of love!

Red is the color of love, the flowers are the best expression of love … combined together, your table decoration will make the feelings explode. If the red color is not so positive for you, you can combine it with all pink shades, violet and white. Our red table top looks beautifully combined with pink and white. These colors are feminine and delicate, making them the perfect choice for a breakfast for your loved one. It is said that the happy woman gets a rose every morning. In our case, the flowers are tulips. They provide an atmospheric ambiance and bring joy. Combine the delicate flowers of different colors in several vases and place them on a red or white tablecloth. (or both, as in the photo)

How to decorate the vases:

  1. Play with the sizes – fill a smaller vase with water, put the flowers in it and the little vase comes in the bigger one!
  2. Fill the vases with deco stones in red, pink and white. A great idea to replace the decorative stones are the M & M`s.

Prepare the place for your loved one

Having an individual seat on a stunningly decorated table is something special and will mean a lot to your partner. Decorating a place does not just mean setting the table right and putting each plate and fork in the right place. Small surprise on the plate can be a real eye-catcher. That does not mean an expensive gift. Take a look at our creative idea here:

1. Fold the napkin in the form of an envelope

2. Put a small piece of paper in it where it says “I love you!”

You can also place a place card with a poem or individual words on the plate. Another idea is homemade cookies in heart shape or strawberries as place cards. Write your partner’s name with strawberries or other fruits – so he can also eat the place card 🙂

Table decoration for Valentine’s Day in shabby chic style

The roses can be scattered directly on the table

Candles create a romantic mood

Chocolates as a gift are a great idea and will please any taste

You will find many more inspirations and creative ideas in our picture gallery

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