It is only August, but already it is not so bright and the evenings are noticeably cooler. It will therefore be time to deal with the right outfit for the transitional period. Now you can count on garments to defy the morning cold, but not sweat too much in the afternoon sun. The keyword is Lagen-Look! The so-called onion look is and remains the best way to get relaxed and always fit to come through the fall. We’ll show you which garments you can use to combine your favorite summer dress – just because it’s going to get cooler again soon, it does not mean you have to forego all the achievements of the summer.

Outfit # 1: Jeans is the all-rounder of every season

Denim is one of the most popular fabrics of fashion-conscious people. In fact, the material is perfect for any weather conditions:

  • As a summer short, to show some leg.
  • A denim jacket is perfect for balmy nights and always looks chic.
  • Long jeans can be worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

This year the trend is even towards an all-over outfit . Fashionistas wear trendy denim from head to toe. Try it yourself: grab a long, classic pair of jeans and combine it with a simple denim jacket. Create the perfect look when you reach for a meaningful statement shirt that was already in fashion this summer. Alternatively, you can omit the denim jacket and choose an extravagant bomber jacket instead.

Outfit # 2: Opposites attract: the summer dress and the leather jacket

You do not have to do without the summer clothes. If combined in the right way, you will be relaxed in the fall through the autumn. To almost every outfit fits a leather jacket or imitation leather jacket. Especially popular is the biker style – daring and classic at the same time. Turn any simple dress into an exciting, rebellious outfit! The range of practical transitional jackets is of course great, but none is as easy to combine as a leather jacket. She is especially good with a skinny jeans cut slim. They are currently in used look with destroyed effects totally hip. Which of course underscores the wild image of the biker jacket.

Outfit # 3: The short dress paired with a pair of pants or a jumper

If you do not want to get your legs cold in your dress, simply solve the problem with stylish trousers that you wear underneath. This will allow you to create completely new creations that might not have occurred to you before. A slim trousers looks just as good under a light summer dress as under a shirt. And if it gets too fresh in your arms in the evening, just put on a comfortable sweater or a light cardigan over it. It’s best to choose a model with fashionable fringes, which are currently also among the trends of autumn. Plus, they bring movement into your look with every step.

Outfit # 4: A cuddly-warm throw – the poncho

A poncho is a great substitute for the traditional transition jackets. He usually has a wide cut, which allows you to immerse the entire upper body in cuddly warmth, when you get cold. In autumn, you can still easily choose a simple, solid-colored model, but at least in the cold season, bright colors and striking patterns are announced, to announce the gloomy winter of the fight. To a poncho always fit a slim-fitting jeans or tight-fitting skirts. This creates a contrast to the wide poncho. Where it depends primarily on your taste. Wear what you like best and happily combine all sorts of clothes that come to your mind! Otherwise, simply be inspired by the latest fashion trends in the Fall / Winter collection that you will find here .

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