At Easter it should be colorful – even on the nails! The nail design for Easter 2018 also surprised by no unexpected motives: brightly painted eggs, rabbits and playful green ways. This is just part of the Easter” motifs> that can find their place on your nails at Easter. You do not need to be a painter to paint a beautiful bunny on your nails or to paint green in bright colors.

Easter 2018: The spring and Easter decorations will be on the nails this year

The nail design for Easter should not necessarily conjure with Easter motives. Delicate flowers in fresh colors, flowering trees or green ways fit perfectly with your spring outfit and become a real eye-catcher. Whether you prefer spring or Easter motifs, we have good news for you – a trendy nail design for Easter 2018, you can make very easy at home yourself. Before you start with the instructions, you should select the design. Take a look here, which nail motifs are announced this spring.

Which nail motifs will be a trend for Easter 2018?

The colorful pastel colors can conjure up the festive mood on the nails. The floral patterns are hip when looking for spring motifs. But if you are aiming for example egg nails or bunny nail design, the Easter manicure are also suitable for the feast. We’ve collected lots of cute ideas for you and put together a tutorial that you can do yourself.

Bunny make nail design itself

DIY instructions step by step

Step 1: Apply a pastel base coat to make the nails look beautiful. This color looks discreet and the bunny will contrast well. The choice of nail polish is an individual decision, so let your imagination run wild! With the chosen color you first paint all nails.

Step 2: The Easter bunny we decide to paint only on the ring finger, as an accent. Of course, if you dare, you can paint it on every nail.
Start with your head using a regular nail polish brush and brush a white line. It’s not that hard. Then you can swipe the tip of the nail for the line in white. Next up are the ears. Draw two strokes that should become ears and correct the shape in the shape of the ears.

Step 3: Now paint two strokes of pink in the middle of the ears. Take the black colors and paint the eyes and the nose.

Step 4: Done! You have a nice bunny!

Step 5: The other fingernails are painted in other pastel colors of your choice. Take a look at our color choice here:

The nail polish colors we have chosen for the Easter nail design

From black over delicate pink to nude color – these are the trendy nail polish colors

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