Not only the mother has a special day, but the father too – so-called Father’s Day. This year, Father’s Day will take place on May 10th. Usually, the men in Germany celebrate how they go on excursions. Today we present you with another idea for a free time – a day with the kids: play, jump, paint, go for a walk, so everything that makes you happy. All fathers enjoy this idea to celebrate Father’s Day with the family and especially those who have little free time to play with their children. Nevertheless, take advantage of the warm weather and take a trip, but do not forget the camera! Photograph every moment that is marked by the unconditional love of father and children. Make cool Father’s Day pictures where every look on it is a joyous event.

Fathers day pictures: Hold the unconditional Father Kids Love on paper with the camera.

The relationship between father and child begins to build up even during pregnancy. The idea of ​​your future child only creates warm and loving emotions and waiting for his birth is the longest wait in your entire life. In the course of pregnancy the future father realizes his role and with the increasing belly the relationship with the

Father’s Day pictures: My father is my hero

Father’s Day Photo shoot: A great idea for a present

The Father’s Day pictures capture the pure father-child love on paper

Father’s Day Photo Shoot: Make Funny Selfies

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