In this article we present you some wonderful sayings, congratulations and quotes for your birthday. They are simply ideal for welcoming friends, relatives, acquaintances, and colleagues, and relate to issues such as aging, life, and happiness. The sayings and quotes for your birthday can either be used as a sample text to label your greeting card, or they could give you creative ideas and help express your own wishes and thoughts. Let your imagination run wild and wish your loved one a happy birthday! We hope the suggestions in this article can help you.

Beautiful quotes for the birthday of famous authors

Anyone who has the ability to see beautiful things will never grow old.
Franz Kafka

We are not getting older with the years, we are getting newer every day.
Emily Dickinson

The secret of happiness is to count the highlights of life instead of birthdays.
Mark Twain

Every thing has to have time to mature.
William Shakespeare

The past is history, the future is a secret and every moment is a gift.
Ina Deter

Give each day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life.
Mark Twain

As long as you can admire and love, you are always young.
Pau Casals

The birthday is the echo of time.
Evelyn Waugh

It does not matter to give life more years, but to give the years more life.
Alexis Carrel

Little things make up the sum of life.
Charles Dickens

Live today – forget the worries of the past.

Smile the life! Maybe it will laugh!
Jean Paul

Celebrate every birthday as if it were the last, and remember that love is the only gift that is truly worth the effort to give.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Forgetting is the secret of eternal youth. We get old through memory.
Erich Maria Remarque

Funny wishes and sayings for a birthday

No smart man ever wished to be younger.
Johnatan Swift

You get old when the candles cost more than the birthday cake.
Bob Hope

The women demand the impossible: one should forget their age, but always remember their birthday.
Karl Farkas

Everyone wants to grow old, but nobody wants to be.
Gustav Knuth

The more candles your birthday cake has, the less breath you have to blow them out.
Jean Cocteau

The ideal husband never forgets his wife’s birthday, but the year.
Kurt Götz

Quotes to the birthday in verse

Will happiness be to his purpose
give you something good,
say thanks and take it
without much hesitation.
Wilhelm Busch
My short wishes are
a good thing
today for the birthday child:
Survive! Love! Laugh!

Friedrich Morgenroth

It means: forty years a man!
But at forty, the fifty starts.

It lies the fresh morning time
In the dark under me so far,

That I’m scared when a ray.
To this depth falls once.

Already a breeze blows from the tomb,
That brings the fall Resedaduft.

Theodor Storm

I wish your luck
renew each day,
that a good deed
Enjoy every hour!
Friedrich Rückert
No birthday in the world
come back again.
It is yours that counts today,
So I wish you joy and happiness.

Cornelia Sander

You are in the congratulatory rain,
the phone is barely resting,
because every one of your friends,
want to congratulate you today.
I can not miss it either
and join me quickly.
I wish you the best,
you should be healthy and happy.

Anita Menger

I wish you

Happiness – when you wake up in the morning
Luck – when you go out
Good luck – when you come home
Luck – when your day is over
Luck – when you lie down
Good luck – when you get up again
Luck – and for all time
Health and satisfaction.

Anita Menger

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