To wear works of art on the skin has been trendy for years! Whether as a symbol of love, a memento or simply as a body jewelry, more and more people are tattooing. But one thing is certain: tattoos reflect your character in an effective and attractive way. Have you sometimes dreamed about decorating your body? Here you have a wide range of all sorts of tattoo designs available. Which tattoo suits you perfectly? No idea? Then you are right here! We have selected some cool tattoo ideas for you. Let’s take a look at our suggestions so that you can express your personality correctly.

Cool tattoo ideas to every taste!

Tattoo motifs appear in a variety of variants and colors. Tiny Wrist Tattoos for Women or an Entire Sleeve – Tattoos for Men? Female back and neck tattoos or inspirational male forearm tattoo? Black-white, colored, classic or modern 3D tattoos for thighs, legs, ribs, hands or even heads? Animals, flowers, symbols and portraits remain for eternity. Bird, rose, star, skull or a beautiful spell? So many tattoo motifs. Which one do you choose? You decide! Here are some of the most beautiful tattoos for women and men!

Numerous tattoo motives for inspiring and rehearsing!

Tattoos reflect your character!

Who says that a tattoo with profound meaning always has to be huge? On the contrary. Tattoos in small versions could be just as impressive. Do not you mean it? A small miniature picture or a small lettering could have a surprisingly large effect.

Small tattoos, great effect!

Who says that small tattoos are not impressive?

Small tattoos always look nice!

Small tattoos appear in a variety!

Animal – Motives:

With his magnificent mane, the lion symbolizes respect and power. Classic lion tattoos are often stung as a sign of bravery, loyalty and courage on the skin, but also overpainted in watercolor style. For years, the lion has been a popular motif for tattoos. Do some crazy cats, right? You could also choose between other predators. Tiger, Puma or the wild Stubentiger are particularly popular. When choosing the animal tattoo, however, pay attention to his gaze, as he can say more out of a thousand words.

Predators are always trendy!


Tattoos lend charm!

Nice tattoo for women!

Effective tattoo along the spine!

Provocative? Then put on effective tattoos!

Tattoo ideas for men:

In men, tattooing looks a bit different. While female tattoos are portrayed as being tender and laid back, male tattoos are characterized by their so-called “bold” styles. Animal, sword, hourglass, fantasy, compass and even portrait motifs are especially popular with men. Totenkopf is but a classic in the trend. Tribal motifs on the shoulders or on the back or geometric figures on the arm are becoming more and more popular because of their effect and meaning. They symbolize the protection from evil spirits and look so fascinating, right? Male tattoos might look funny, serious or even horrible, but also show men’s authority. Very popular in both women and men are animal motifs. No matter if a tiger head, dragon or wolf: Animals are in. If you are a true tattoo fan, maybe he will decide on a sleeve tattoo. 3D or abstract tattoos? Without hesitation! Put on these really inspiring skin accessories!

Powerful tattoos for the men!

At which part of the body do you want to be tattooed?

Discover even more cool tattoo ideas in the gallery. Let yourself be inspired!

Body painting for eternity!

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