It steals, it enchants, it is courageous and noble at the same time, it is the absolute trendsetter of the season and is called Aschblond! Say good-bye to the Goldblond and Rosablond, because nowadays all the bright blond tones are out of order and the shining silver hair color is giving up its place. Dear blonde junkies, you can get out of the shadows because 2018 is the year of the blonde” . these days we tell you some of the secrets about trendy ash blonde hair so can get keep and look after stunning color on your head.>

Goldblond was yesterday, today is Aschblond!

You are not sure if the blond hair is your hair color, just open your closet! If all of your clothes inside are in cool shades, then the light ash blond is the right shade that best flatters your skin tone. The ladies suffering from street skirts blonde are today god-pleasing. Their natural color is the best basis for light ash blond. This radiant silver shade fits perfectly not only to the whole coloration, but also to the highlight dyeing. An ombre effect and a balayage make the medium-long and long hair cuts particularly good and give the hair a noble and breathtaking look.

Tips and tricks around ash-blonde hair: How should you dye your hair blond without yellowing?

Permanent or semi-permanent color:

If you want to buy a colorant for gray hair coverage, look for those tints that are permanent. So you guarantee a permanent hair color. Otherwise, you can buy semi-permanent paint and bring your blond hair to life through a brilliant ash gray nuance.

Choose the right tone:

Today, the coloring shelf offers a variety of colors, shades and tones for hair” coloring> . From light to dark blonde, they all look overwhelming in combination with the ash-gray steel. If you are a natural blonde then you can not make a mistake in sound choice. If you want a radical hair color change, it would be better to make an appointment in the hair salon.

Read the instructions for use:

Before you start dyeing, read the instructions for use:

  • How should you apply the paint?
  • How long should you wait?

matting high:

To have pale blond hair with ash-gray reflections, you should remove the unwanted hair pigments. The matt technique comes to the rescue. It is important to remember the following facts when using rubberized products:

  • against yellowness – violet
  • against red sting – green

The Matt products do not serve as a lightening agent and only last until 6 shampoos. It is best to apply Silver Shampoo immediately after dyeing to create a thrilling end look.

Balayage in Aschblond – Dear ladies, let yourself be radiant!

If you are not a true blonde, but you are a fan of the blonde color, then the ombre effect and the balayage will suit you as well. Currently, the silver hair color is totally hip and dominates over dark blonde, golden blonde and pink-bleach by their mischievous appearance. The tendency for the different colors in the head of hair on the head turns it into a woman’s favorite. You can wear your ash-blonde ombre hair in braids. The result is beautiful due to the mixture of colors and nuances. You can accentuate the glamorous look of your ash blonde balayage with curly waves.

How can I dye my hair blond myself?

If you want your hair to get a trendy look that is characterized by contrasting colored lace, then roll up your sleeves and swing the dyeing brush. How do you achieve this end result? Here it goes on:

  1. Mix the paint with the oxide.
  2. Apply the mixture to a brush using the attached applicator.
  3. Comb.
  4. Distribute the remaining color in the lower hair lengths with your hands.

So, in 40 minutes you have the popular crownlights in your hair. Give your auburn dyed hair the finishing touch with a few waves!

Here you will find many stunning looks in Aschblond!

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