The winter time is this time of the year, when we are looking for delicious baking recipes. But there is a classic German recipe that knows no season – the Flammkuchen! And that’s the only recipe you can prepare differently every time. Yes, these are ingredients. But the Flammkuchenteig must be a classic – wafer-thin and delicious! The original recipe and many more variations can be found here! Good appetite!

Where does the tarte cake come from?

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the flame cake? It all started in the old wood-burning ovens of the Alsatian villages. A farmer’s wife should put her bread in the oven for baking, but first she wanted to check the temperature. She took a piece of the dough and rolled it out gossamer. She sprinkled the batter with sour cream and topped it with bacon and onions. This is how the classic flame cake batter was made – with onions and bacon. Variations, for example, with apple and goat’s cheese, there is a lot today. But the recipe for the classic can be found here!

The original recipe for the thinnest flame cake dough

The topping on flame cake dough can always be different

When it comes to the Alsatian original, you should not talk about cheese here. Use the pads shown on the picture and you will never make a mistake! Sour cream or creme fraiche are perfect because they are mild and creamy. Onions must not be missing. The best cut in narrow crescents. The classic recipe is with bacon, but we used bacon because it gives a better taste.

The preparation of flame cake batter

The ingredients you need for the original recipe are:

250 g flour

2 tbsp olive oil


100 ml of water


Of all the ingredients knead a smooth dough. Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes at room temperature in foil. From this dough you will get four thin pancakes, which you then have to roll out.

Cover with cream and top with onions and bacon to taste

And done! Enjoy your meal!

Now read the 4 best variations of the Flammkuchens!

The flame cake dough with yeast

Do you prefer the dough airy, rather than thin, use yeast! This will make the tarte cake juicier. Here you use more water – 120 ml warm and more olive oil – 3 tbsp. 10 g of yeast, 1 pinch of sugar and salt are needed. Let rest for 45 minutes. After that, the recipe is the same as for the classic.

Vegan tarte flambée

250 g wheat flour

1 tsp salt

150 ml of water

20 g of yeast


2 tbsp olive oil

Do you know that there are also false tarte flambée? With Yufka dough!

For the dough you only need one pack of Yufka dough. Pull the thin yufkateig leaves apart and brush them with cold water. Then place the dough pieces on a baking tray lined with baking paper. After that you already know the recipe – coated and documented!

Would you like to make a sweet Flammkuchen? Then add 2 tablespoons of sugar and beer!

For the dough you need:

500 g wheat flour

100 ml of water

250 ml of beer

2 tbsp sugar (preferably 1 tsp for the dough and 2 tbsp as a toppings)

1 tsp salt

All variations for topping can be found in our picture gallery!

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