Money alone does not make you happy. Many know this saying and yet the vile Mammon is a very popular

Stickern bringt das Flair der großen weiten Welt nach Hause. A suitcase with glued on destination stickers brings the flair of the big wide world home. This travel fund with the necessary content delights friends and acquaintances who are planning the trip of a lifetime, as well as family members planning a short trip within their own country. Tip: In addition to the money, travel guides and culinary delights of the destination are very popular as the contents of the suitcase. This red money box is handpainted and sweetens every travel dream. More information about this original money gift can be found here

The sea not only washes waves to the beach, but also a bottle post with money

With a bottle post full of money , the most beautiful congratulations can be transmitted. The bottle post not only sends the most wonderful greetings on its birthday, but also serves as a creative decoration for the actual gift at weddings, namely money. The bottle post is filled with sand, with the icing on the cake being a cork made from real driftwood. This money gift is a real eye-catcher.

A quick cash injection can never hurt if the shoe pushes again

Syringes are known to help against the most common ailments. A cash injection, however, cures troublesome money worries that occur unexpectedly and often. These include upcoming purchases such as a new washing machine or the payment of the upcoming driver’s license. This syringe is welcome even on birthdays and can be creatively personalized by a greeting card in the form of a recipe. Nobody is afraid of this original money gift.

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Have fun giving away money!

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