Especially now in spring, when the beautiful flower splendor offers a wonderful spectacle, you also want to spice up your own home! Happiness likes to enter a house where there is a good mood. There is no easier way to create a good mood at home than to decorate the walls individually and impressively. Forget the wallpaper, paint buckets and brushes, they stay in the basement! There is a better alternative to redesigning the walls. The magic word is wall tattoos!

Wall tattoos create a feel-good ambience

Wallpapers were yesterday. The cold boring walls get with wall tattoos very quickly that certain something. They are the right thing to round off a creative furnishing concept in style. The wall tattoos are self-adhesive, semi-glossy or glossy foils with a print-ready motif, which can be attached with a few simple steps. They are decoration and message at the same time and express in colors, words or motives, which corresponds to your own taste and well-being. The big advantage of wall stickers is also that attaching and detaching works very easy. The wall tattoos are perfect for you if you want to decorate and pep up your home again and again, or if you are looking for decompresses according to the seasons. Do not know yet, which wall tattoo your institution fits best, rummage through the online shop and convince yourself of the wide range of qualitative and beautiful wall stickers. There is definitely something for everyone. If you still need inspiration, we show you the best deco ideas with wall tattoos!

Wall tattoos in the bathroom – transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis

Are you tired of the boring white walls in the bathroom? Then the wall tattoos help to create more comfort in the bathroom. Without much effort and expense, you can use a wall sticker to create a luxurious wellness oasis with stones. Or do you want to jump from the cool water directly into the exotic sea? Imagine mounting a high mountain while bathing, which is directly in the shower cubicle. Does that sound like a dream? All this is possible with wall tattoos! Wall stickers in the bathroom are the solution for children who do not like to wash. You can turn bathing into an experience and only with a “ride” from the bathroom into the fairytale nursery!

Decorate a cheerful play paradise with a wall tattoo in the nursery

What do the children love? Of course colorful, happy and playful! The nursery should be friendly and inviting. You can do this with color, matching decoration and wall design. With Wandtattoo you bring back wild animals, sweet fairytale heroes and fairies, the children love so, right into the nursery! A tip from us: so that your child can fall asleep in the evening, stick the wall tattoos over the bed headboard.

Wall Decal Clocks – timelessly modern

“Prosperity is when people have more clocks than time.” Get another watch, this time in the form of a wall tattoo! The wallsticker clocks offer a variety of options for individual design with different colors and shapes. But how do wall tattoo clocks work? These are quartz movements that are powered by batteries and combined with a matching wall tattoo. You can choose the clock background according to your own taste and on a whim you can change it. The wall tattoo clocks are the modern solution for minimalist apartments. Depending on the room in which you place the clock, the murals are arranged thematically. There are no limits and you can let your imagination run wild!

DIY idea: Glamorous copper confetti as a wall decoration

Wall decal tree and coat hooks – the right place for your clothes!

A welcome never lacks in the house of a good person!

Did you also seize the adhesive fever? Use our decoration ideas to discover new horizons with each room and to get the chance to create something new! So you turn your apartment into a retreat and feel-good place where you can be yourself!

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