What could be better than the first warm early summer days on the balcony or your own terrace? For the first barbecue party of the season to be able to rise on time, the outdoor areas have to be prepared in good time. Early planning helps immensely.

Refurbish the terrace or balcony: That’s how it works

Many people are satisfied with scrubbing the balcony or terrace floor once a year in early summer and removing the upholstery for the garden furniture from the cellar. It pays to think about a redesign from time to time. For some years, so-called which aluminum profile is suitable to give the new roof an attractive frame. Under such a roof, it can then sit comfortably in the open even in rain and even hail.

Organic is in: planters instead of flower tubs

A second big trend next to the outdoor lounge is the hobby gardening. More and more people are discovering the only true organic food for themselves: growing their own fruit and vegetables. Even on the smallest city balcony there is still room for one or the other planter to grow radishes and tomatoes. A balcony wall can be easily transformed into a hanging garden. Vertical Gardening is called this space saving concept. Colorful fruits and vegetables and fragrant kitchen herbs are at least as decorative as petunias and geraniums. And what could taste better than the summery fruit cake with strawberries from your own terrace?

If you want to be active as a hobby gardener, you must also plan this in good time during the preparation for the season and note when certain types of vegetables have to be sown or planted. When choosing the location should also play a role: Partial shade is ideal. Too much direct sun tolerate the fewest plants, so they need to be protected with an awning if necessary.

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