With its wide range of models, Team 7 Kitchens offers the perfect solution for any room situation. The wide variety of configuration options allows you to create custom kitchens for every taste: from the simple kitchen to the luxurious living room island, classic or modern – perfectly adapted to your needs. The linee kitchen is not only incredibly versatile, it also comes in many different facets. This is due to the different handles, but also the wide range of fronts and elegant glass sides, which offer many design options.

design options

The loft kitchen is the modern country kitchen for those who love wood, enjoy cooking and appreciate the authentic craftsmanship and natural materials. Here the design convinces due to the vibrating wooden aura and the loving details of traditional production techniques.

Country kitchen

The warmth of pure solid wood and the openness of the loft kitchen provide a particularly pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Combined with the extendable table, which is optionally equipped with a cutlery drawer or with an extendable insert, the loft kitchen transforms into the perfect family gathering.

The warmth of the solid wood

The cooking island of 7 kitchens – not all kitchens are on the same level

Whether as a table, bar or work surface – the stepless height-adjustable worktop of the kitchen island of 7 kitchens can be adapted to your activities and height. Maximum comfort and comfort.

solid wood

The heart of the 7 kitchens is the 74-114 cm height-adjustable kitchen island. The worktop can be precisely adapted to individual ergonomic requirements thanks to the flush-mounted control element. In contrast to the kitchen island, the kitchenette of 7 kitchens only shows its sophisticated secret on closer inspection. This is because the recessed handle, which was also developed by them, is hidden behind its handle-free design.

Modern kitchen of Team 7 Kitchens

kitchen island


A kitchen like in a picture. The VAO kitchen island impresses with its elegant and minimalist design. The centerpiece is made of elegant solid wood and has delicate frames. The side base recess gives the cooking island an aura of light and weightlessness. The horizontal joints act as practical handles. They give the VAO kitchen island of the Team 7 kitchens a handle-less appearance and let you feel the wonderful surface structure of the wood.

Team 7 – solid wood kitchen

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