Tattoos represent your lifestyle. For many years, more and more people have decided to get a body embellishment, so that body art is actually crucial to their self-confidence. Tattoos are very trendy. Since they are for eternity, you should first think well about the right tattoo motif. Here comes the question: which suits you best? You have a huge variety of designs available. Animals, portraits, figures, sayings, symbols or something else? You can choose between numerous motives, so it is really hard to make the right decision. Serious or funny, black or colored, big or small? It’s not that easy, is it? But one thing is clear: All

Wolf Tattoo and its meaning on the skin!

Animal motifs are very popular. To make them even more effective, animal motifs are combined with other elements, such as flowers. As a predator, the wolf stands for strength and masculinity. As a tattoo, the wolf symbolizes qualities such as freedom, wildness, pride, honor, inflexibility and love of nature. This motif can be represented very differently and therefore have very different meanings. Which are you? Let’s see!

The howling wolf:

“The wolf howling at the moon”. This motif is often used as a tattoo. Very impressive, right?

The black wolf:

This is mainly about the dark side of the wolf. Because a wolf could be malicious, wild and dangerous. That’s why the black wolf stands for rebellion.

The Celtic Wolf:

The Celtic wolf stands for the family and symbolizes the strength. This motif is often combined with thicker lines that add a negative note to the overall picture.

The lonely wolf:

He symbolizes the iron will to master life alone.

The white wolf:

With the white color you get a really nice and effective tattoo!

The wolf – the power animal with many meanings!

Who says that Wolf tattoos are only for men? But! They also fit with women and could beautify their body in an effective way. That’s why they are becoming popular with more and more women. Wolf tattoos appear in numerous variations. There are no limits to the Wolf designs. Wolf skull tattoos (symbol of death), moon and wolf tattoos, wolf tattoos with geometric figures, etc. are available for both women and men.

The special magic of wolf tattoos!

Little wolf tattoo, great effect!

Wolf Tattoos are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. To be admirable, they should not always be big, complicated and have an extreme design. Little wolf tattoos could be very effective. A minimalist wolf tattoo could also be more eye-catching than a large-scale wolf tattoo.

Wolf tattoos for men …

… and for women!

At which body site should the wolf be tattooed?

Actually, that’s a matter of taste. Shoulder, back, chest, arm, hand, fingers, thighs or even head? Where do you want to tattoo? There are no rules here. But what do the trends say? Often men prefer to carry the image of the wolf on the chest or upper arm while women choose the back or the shoulder.

Discover more ideas for Wolf Tattoos in the following gallery!

Inspire Wolf Tattoos!

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