The upper arm is certainly one of the most popular body parts for tattoos. Getting a tattoo on your upper arm is not painful, and you have enough space for both small and subtle, as well as for larger, impressive subjects. This article is dedicated to the topic of Tattoo upper arm, and here you will find some great design ideas and templates for men and women, from which you can draw inspiration for your own tattoos. We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and hope you enjoy reading!

Tattoo upper arm – trendy designs and designs

As already mentioned, the upper arm is a popular place for tattoos in both men and women, because it allows a wide variety of different designs and designs. The only disadvantage could be the fact that the tattoos on the upper arm are conspicuous, which is sometimes inappropriate for professional reasons. If you have the desire to have such a tattoo engraved, the choice of motives is of course a matter of taste. However, in this post we have collected some photos and templates to show you the latest trends in tattoo art that you would certainly like. Very modern lately, for example, are the 3D tattoos, which are a good choice for the two sexes. The three-dimensional images create an interesting visual effect and look really attractive. The same goes for watercolor tattoos that look like little works of art. Because of their delicate, romantic look, they are particularly popular with women. Among the hottest tattoo motifs for men this year include the Tribal Tattoos. It is about the tattooing of Indian symbols, but have a deep meaning – reflect, for example, a spiritual state. For example, the Wolf Tattoo stands for fearlessness and strength. Other tattoos for men and women, which are in full swing in 2017, are the Maori tattoos, the minimalist tattoos, the biomechanical tattoos, as well as the stylish geometric motifs.

Tattoo upper arm: ideas for ladies

Tattoo upper arm: ideas for men

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