Tattoos are becoming popular with more and more people. Men and women like to be tattooed so that tattoos are crucial to their lifestyle. Actually, tattoos are the current bodystyling trend. Body art knows no boundaries. It beautifies your body in a special way. She could give you a whole new look. Extravagance, charm, provocation or mysticism? With the right tattoos you make it easy. Now the question comes up: “What should I get tattooed?” Tattoo motives are available to every taste. Animals, flowers, stars, geometric figures, symbols, sayings etc. What do you choose? A variety of attractive design ideas is at your disposal. Which motif suits you best? Do you want to decorate your body effectively? If so, then you are right here. Put on animal motives! A few great tattoo templates for animal motifs can be found in this post. Attention: All templates are free. Great, right? Take a look at our fascinating suggestions and choose the best!

Tattoo templates come in many designs, colors and shapes!

Animal motifs are more fashionable than ever. Monkeys, mice, butterflies, birds and predators on your skin look beautiful, so they could become a real eye-catcher. Tigers, wolves, cats and lions could become even more effective when combined with other elements such as flowers or geometric figures. You can also create animal tattoo designs in all shapes and sizes. Animal motifs appear in very different variations: from the spiteful wolf, over cute cats, to the realistic pierced eagle in dramatic shades of gray.

Tattoos Inspiration: All eyes on you?

Who says tattoos should always be big? But. Small tattoos could be very effective. Do not you mean it? Minimalist animal motifs are perfect for you, ladies! Here is the rule: “The smaller the tattoo, the more effective!” One thing is certain: Each tattoo serves as an expression of your personality!

Animal motifs in big and small!

Which tattoo motif did you choose? When it comes to tattoos, should you worry about where you want to get the tattoo you want? Which body site is right for you is a matter of taste. Back, shoulder, wrist, ankle, fingers, thighs, neck or arm? You decide. Tip for the women: A snake along the spine could be more than sexy!

Tattoo templates: Animal – motives to inspire and piercing!

If you are already looking for the right tattoo template then you probably want to know what each tattoo means? Here are some animal motifs and their meanings.

Wolf Tattoo:

This power animal stands for strength, freedom and rebellion. You can choose between different wolf motives. “The wolf that howls the moon” is a familiar and particularly impressive depiction of the wolf. Other depictions are the Celtic wolf, the black and the lone wolf. Although wolf tattoos are considered as typical male, they are becoming popular with more and more women.

The magic of tattoos!

Eagle Tattoo:

Earlier, the eagle was one of the so-called sailor motifs and meant power and energy. Today, an eagle tattoo stands above all for pride, strength, power and freedom.

Dragon Tattoo:

A dragon motif symbolizes wisdom, peacefulness, masculinity and strength. No wonder so many men let dragons dragons on the skin.

Snakes Tattoo:

The snake is one of the oldest known symbols. Snakes stand for health and productivity. As a tattoo motif, the snake is depicted not only in positive but also in negative situations. Hostile or friendly? Which property suits you? Snakes Tattoos symbolize death, but also life!

Body art knows no gender and age!

Tiger Tattoo:

Showcase your wild side by choosing Tiger Tattoo Motifs!

Stag Tattoo:

The deer is mostly favored by the men. Hirsch motifs symbolize the grace, the purity and the love.

Monkey Tattoo:

If you are a true tattoo fan, you probably know this animal motif. Monkeys on the skin could be portrayed serious or funny. What is the meaning behind it? Monkeys stands for temperament and exuberance.

More fascinating suggestions for cool tattoo templates can be discovered in the following gallery! Let yourself be inspired!

Express your lifestyle with the matching tattoo motif!

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