Looking for a new, original tattoo motif? In this case, you can draw inspiration from our article! Here we have an interesting suggestion for people who are fascinated by foreign cultures and traditions, namely – Mexican skull Tattoo! In the post, you will learn what makes these types of tattoos so popular lately and what the meaning behind them. We hope that you will find the perfect tattoo skull Mexican template for you among our suggestions! Let yourself be inspired!

The skull tattoos in the context of Mexican tradition

Among the body ornaments,

If you look at a tattoo skull mexican template, you would notice the following: it represents a smiling skull adorned with colorful flowers, cobwebs, diamonds or crosses. This is exactly the tradition in Mexico: the skull is painted in bright colors, and on the forehead the name of the deceased person is written – in this way he is honored. The spider webs are symbols of death, the flowers stand for life, the cross is considered a contactor symbol and the diamonds are a symbol of the life cycle. Below are a few great Mexican skull tattoo templates that give you inspiration for your own tattoo. The motif is suitable for people who are fascinated by Mexican culture and expresses the idea that we are all the same before death. With such a tattoo you also honor his deceased favorite people. And those who find the smiling skull too scary can also opt for a La Catrina tattoo, often portrayed as a woman – look at the photos above to see what these types of tattoos actually look like.

Tattoo Skull Mexican Template: Ideas and Suggestions

The templates above are examples of classic Mexican skull tattoos and can also be used as a role model. If you like one of our ideas, you can show it to your tattoo artist. You can get such a tattoo colorful as well as black and white – the first variant is closer to the original Mexican tradition, with the second you can get a spooky effect. The choice of the body is a matter of taste – often the Mexican skull tattoos on the upper arm, on the chest, or even on the hands are stung. However, you should take into account the fact that these tattoos are particularly eye-catching and impress with an attractive look, which can sometimes be inappropriate for professional reasons.

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