You want to know all your life attitudes before you know them or do you want to get inspiration with a spiritual quote every day? Are you looking for the right tattoo that reveals your character and expresses your personality? Then you are right here! No big motives, but a beautiful subtle tattoo lettering – with a huge meaning! That’s all you can want from a tattoo! Inspiration, ideas for tattoo sayings and free tattoo templates – all you can find here! Get stunning ideas!

Tattoo sayings of the stars – inspiration for your next tattoo lettering

Indisputable are tattoo sayings, Anjelina Jolie is the name you are looking for! Let’s take a look at the first picture – in this gorgeus evening gown all eyes turn to the lettering “know your rights”. In German this means: “Know your rights”. You will definitely notice the other tattoo – drawn in Khmer – the language of Cambodia. We will translate it: “Your opponents should always run away from you. Your wealth should always stay with you. Your beauty should be like that of Apsara. Wherever you go, many are to serve and protect you. ”

When talking about lettering tattoos, the first selection is tattoos names – in most cases – couple and love tattoos. An example of this is the Beckham family. The actress Drew Berrymore tattooed on her wrist the names of her children:

Tattoos fonts and where to tattoo tattoo lettering?

No matter if tattoo sayings, tattoo names or simply your favorite motto, the tattoo lettering has a deep meaning. If you want to express your own individuality and personality, you tattoo a saying. If it is the place on the body or the tattoo fonts, you know no boundaries. Lettering Tattoo can be a spiritual quote about life that is inspired or a memory of the deceased. Therefore, the lettering tattoos have no exact meaning – they are an expression of the desires and the soul of the Tatto vehicle. Tattoo sayings reflect the attitude towards life. Tattoos lettering can include the following things: wisdom for life, tattoo names, family, love, friends. If you’ve already chosen the right message, think of matching tattoo fonts and languages.

Tattoo Sayings German – Choose the right language and matching tattoo fonts

Tattoo sayings really speak a lot for the personality of the wearer, but it is also important in which language the tattoo lettering is tattooed. Note that not every language in any language sounds good. Do you want to tattoo something personal, do not choose from any known language, such as Italian or Latin. Tattoo letters are breathtaking in these two fonts. But if the talk is about tattoo fonts, look at their meaning!

Tattoo fonts also have special meaning

Not only tattoo lettering can be an expression of individuality, the tattoo fonts too! Often the tattoo saying is combined with a motif that forms a complete symbolic statement. In this case, the tattoo font must be combined with the motif. Latin language looks very nice in gothic writing and english writing in blackletter. If you want to tattoo something personal, the handwriting is ideal. Use this font generator to find the best tattoo fonts! Do not forget that the tattoo is lettering for the whole life and must correspond to your style and your individuality!

Free tattoo template for tattoo lettering

Do you still need inspiration? Get stunning ideas from our image gallery!

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