Tattoos have become an absolute trend in recent years. They look really cool, but they have to be well thought over. And not just the body, but the meaning as well. It is more or less a matter of taste whether you get tattooed or not. If you would get a tattoo, what tattoo designs do you choose? If you have a timeless symbol that has magical powers and growth in life, make a Tree of Life tattoo. It is perfect for men and women and looks very delicate and fascinating. We have selected the best 50 Tree Tattoos for you and explained their meaning to you. Let yourself be inspired!

Tree of Life Tattoo: A symbol of life and power in all cultures

Lebensbaum Tattoo Design
The tree of life is an ancient symbol in many cultures. It is believed that he connects heaven and earth. The tree of life also connects the earth and the underworld and symbolizes rebirth. The people who believe in tattoo this tattoo as a protective spirit. They also think that the tree can change life. That’s why the Tree of Life Tattoo also brings a positive power and strength. The roots designate the birth and the branches – the death and further life way. The trees are also a symbol of the gods in most cultures. In China, for example, the peach tree is considered a symbol of immortality. The Tree of Life tattoo also symbolizes fertility, as it denotes life cycle. If you believe in forms of life, this tattoo is just for you!

Tattoo Ideas: Tree of Life as a natural connection

Lebensbaum Tattoo Welt
When you are closely connected to nature, you tattoo a tree of life. Through his roots he is in contact with the earth and the earth goddess and is supposed to be a symbol for the matter. The crown protrudes into the sky and thus represents the spirit.

The cherry tree is very popular with womenLebensbaum Tattoo Kirschbaum

The tree of life can also be a cherry tree! This design is very popular among women because of the red color and delicate appearance. Even in men, the tree looks stunning with its flowers. The cherry tree is a monument of Japanese culture. The tree symbolizes the friendship and is often tattooed by two friends. But it has many meanings – from friendship and love to death.

The Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo has a mystical meaning

Lebensbaum Tattoo keltisch Art
The Celtic Tree of Life is still called Yaggdrasil and is very popular for tattoos. It symbolizes healthy growth, that is why it is mostly with green leaves. The Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo is chosen for hope. According to Celtic culture, the branches designate the family and stand for their cohesion. Many people also tattoo the names of the family members next to the branches of the Tree of Life.

The tree of life with birds: a bird for every experience

Lebensbaum Tattoo mit Vögeln
The most common tattoo design is the tree of life with birds. If you want to have your own memories or experiences on your skin, tattoo as many birds as many important moments of your life you want to have forever. Tattooing your Tree of Life with roots and birds at the same time means you want to show your own freedom.
Choose your favorite design for the new tattoo to your taste. Each tattoo is personalized and has different meanings for each person. The tattoo expresses your own experiences and no matter what the cultures symbolize with the Tree of Life, do not forget that your tattoo is your own symbol! Get creative and stunning tattoo ideas from our excellent image gallery where you can find tattoos for all!

As a symbol of fertility, the tree of life tattoo fits very well with pregnant women

Lebensbaum Tattoo Schwanger

The Egyptian Tree of Life Tattoo

Lebensbaum Tattoo Ägyptisch

Small tattoos have a certain charm

Lebensbaum Tattoo klein
Lebensbaum Tattoo Keltische Vorlage
Lebensbaum Tattoo Ideen
Lebensbaum Tattoo Art
Lebensbaum Tattoo Idee
Lebensbaum Tattoo Designs
Lebensbaum Tattoo Kirschbaum
Lebensbaum Tattoo Frauen
Lebensbaum Tattoo Bein
Lebensbaum Tattoo Frauen Design
Lebensbaum Tattoo Frauen Rücken
Lebensbaum Tattoo mit Grün
Lebensbaum Tattoo Hand
Lebensbaum Tattoo Männer Hand
Lebensbaum Tattoo Frauen Rücken
Lebensbaum Tattoo Idee
Lebensbaum Tattoo Art
Lebensbaum Tattoo Ideen
Lebensbaum Tattoo keltisch
Lebensbaum Tattoo Liebe
Lebensbaum Tattoo Männer
Lebensbaum Tattoo Männer Design
Lebensbaum Tattoo Man
Lebensbaum Tattoo Männer Hand
Lebensbaum Tattoo Mehrfarbig
Lebensbaum Tattoo Rücken
Lebensbaum Tattoo Dunkel
Lebensbaum Tattoo Vögel
Lebensbaum Tattoo Vögel
Lebensbaum Tattoo Vorlage
Lebensbaum Tattoo Vorlagen
Lebensbaum Tattoo Yin Yang
Lebensbaum Tattoo Frauen Ideen
Lebensbaum Tattoo Frauen klein

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