Tattoo butterfly is one of the most popular tattoo motifs among women and girls and is still in vogue. The reasons for this popularity are much more – you will find out more in this article. Here you will also find detailed information about the meaning of the butterfly motif, as well as 20 original tattoo ideas, which you can use as a source of inspiration. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Tattoo Butterfly – variety of designs and variants

In nature, there are numerous species of butterflies with different sizes, shapes and colors. Because of their beauty, the insects have become a popular motif in painting and poetry. The same applies to the art of tattooing. A butterfly tattoo impresses with its beautiful look, looks delicate and feminine, and that is why it is so popular with women – as well as in the past, as well as today. Tattoo butterfly can also be combined with other motifs – flowers, hearts, stars – to create an interesting, unique overall picture. Today, the small, unobtrusive butterfly tattoos are particularly popular – for the example of the back, foot or wrist, they are very discreet and elegant. The tattoos with 3D effect and shading are also very popular – take a look at the photos to see their beauty!

Tattoo butterfly – meaning

The butterfly tattoo actually has several meanings. Depending on your personal preferences for the design of the tattoo, his message can be interpreted differently. The butterfly is considered a symbol of rebirth and change – everyone knows that the ugly caterpillar after the metamorphosis transforms into a butterfly with beautiful wings. It also stands for freedom and beauty – that makes even the tattoos with this motif for women just ideal. For many peoples, the butterfly is considered a representation of the human soul. And two converging butterflies are usually interpreted as a symbol of love. In some cultures, the delicate insects because of their sensitive nature and transience. We hope the post inspired you to get a butterfly tattoo!

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