Looking out of the window, it can not be overlooked that autumn is coming soon, earlier than calendar. Do not let the sadness of past summer joys overcome you. Instead, you invite the coming season with your arms wide open to your home because each season has its own beautiful sides. In the article we will introduce you to some autumn decoration ideas, especially table ideas and for your ambience, with which you will enjoy the autumn to the fullest.
There is nothing better than having a chat with one another in the closest circle of friends on cold, gray, autumnal days and enjoying the delicious food under the musical undertones. First you need great recipes for different delicacies for your 5-course menu, then go shopping and only then you can swing the wooden spoon. All this brings you a lot of fun because you devote your whole heart to cooking. If the aroma of tasty food spreads through the whole apartment, you can start with the best – festively decorate the table. The golden autumn offers almost limitless material for seasonal table decoration. Whether subtle table ideas and ambience for every day, or festive table decorations with special arrangements for special occasions, here you will find the best table ideas for a cozy and pleasant atmosphere at the dining table.

Seasonal table ideas and ambience: Enjoy the joie de vivre in a beautifully decorated environment

Saisonale Tischideen und Ambiente: Genießen Sie die Tafelfreuden in einer schön dekorierten Umgebung
A beautiful and matching table decoration gives a cozy, romantic and comfortable touch to any dining place. Finding the perfect seasonal decoration is not difficult if you trust the right color palette. To determine the colors, you should not ask the Pantone Color Institute, just look around – gold, ocher, mustard yellow, brown, chestnut red.
A bouquet of seasonal flowers on the table, beautifully arranged in a home-made vase of autumnal natural materials, becomes the centerpiece. The preferred autumnal flower species are dahlias, autumn burls, Adonis, lantern flower, meadow clover, chrysanthemum, dandelion, pigeon cabbage, chicory, sunflower. Spice up the colorful floral arrangement with ornamental berries and deco branches. The more colorful the bouquet looks, the more comfortable the atmosphere around the table.

Autumnal table ideas and ambience: Noble cutlery in combination with a decorated plate set

Herbstliche Tischideen und Ambiente: Edles Besteck in Kombination mit dekoriertem Teller Set
The place arrangements on the dining table serve for the cozy and domestic feeling with each guest. You do not need to create a magnificent ensemble of porcelain jars, fine cutlery and satin napkins to offer your guests an absolute treat. The real beauty lies in the simplicity. Two plates on top of each other, a fine cutlery next to it and a linen napkin on it – that’s all you need to make the place unforgettable. A stalk or stalk can beautifully round off the visual ensemble.

The best table ideas for a welcoming ambience
Die besten Tischideen für ein einladendes Ambiente

To feel like you’re in a Michelin Star restaurant, do not forget the napkins. They are essential on your festively decorated table. Give the place arrangement the finishing touch with some creative napkin rings and guarantee a high-quality place setting!

Put personalized accents on the dining table

Tischideen und Ambiente: Personalisierte Akzente auf den Esstisch setzen
Unfold your imagination and give the place setting a loving touch with some personal details. A noble cutlery looks more beautiful in combination with a fancy cutlery bag. Whether from paper, fabric or something tinkered you combine the cutlery bag with name card or card with personal message.

The plate set: colors, patterns, shapes

Tischideen und Ambiente: Das Teller Set ist wichtig!

Decorative candles for an autumnal ambience at the table

Tischideen und Ambiente: Dekorative Kerzen für ein herbstliches Ambiente am Tisch

DIY candle holder

Tischideen und Ambiente: DIY Kerzenhalter

The necessary materials:

Tischideen und Ambiente: DIY Kerzenhalter als herbstliche Dekoration am Tisch

DIY ideas for flower vases as an eye-catcher

Tischideen und Ambiente:  DIY Ideen für Blumenvasen als ein Blickfänger 

DIY centerpiece with pumpkins

Tischideen und Ambiente:  DIY Centerpiece als herbstliche Zierde

The necessary materials:

Tischideen und Ambiente:  DIY Herzstück als herbstliche Zierde


Step 1: Cut off the top parts of the largest and white pumpkins.
Step 2: Punch 4 stems of wire into the largest pumpkin and white pumpkin.
Step 3: Pour the white pumpkin onto the largest pumpkin. Repeat the step with the last pumpkin.
Step 4: Cut off the flowers.
Step 5: Arrange flowers, moss and leaves nicely between the pumpkins and glue them with the hot glue gun.

Another possible alternative for a real eye-catcher in the form of a vase

Tischideen und Ambiente: Andere mögliche Alternative für echten Hingucker in Form von Vase

DIY autumnal vase

Tischideen und Ambiente: DIY Blumenvase

The necessary materials

Tischideen und Ambiente: DIY Blumenvase für den Herbst


  1. Cut off the top of the pumpkin.
  2. Dig out the core.
  3. Put the glass inside.
  4. Cut off the stalks of cabbage and arrange it inside.

DIY autumn decoration as a table ornament

Tischideen und Ambiente: DIY Herbstdeko als Tischzierde

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