Swimming pool in the garden is the dream of every homeowner. If you have enough space in front of your house, transform it into a stunning outdoor area and you’ll never have to pack all the stuff and drive to the closest beach. With our amazing ideas, your garden will become a thriving oasis! Is there anything better than a sunny day in the pool in the countryside? Let yourself be inspired!

Swimming pool and garden with wooden terrace connect

If you have opted for swimming pool in the garden you also have to think of the pool terrace. A wooden terrace connects your swimming pool with the green garden. It offers a really well shaded place to relax and has a natural look. In this way you also put the pool in scene. Wood can also be decorated with different plants. So you can also separate the garden area from the swimming area.

Combine water with stone

You may know that the combination of water and stone is breathtaking. Stone slabs can be selected according to your taste in different ways: sandstone, slate, quartzite, travertine, limestone or granite. But do not forget that every type of stone needs the right care. These records are really eternal! The atmosphere in your swimming pool will be right as a wellness oasis. The mosaic also fits very well to a swimming pool in the garden. Our tip is to select the color blue, so that your pool can visually look great. The Sandtones are also recommended for you to feel like at the beach.

Swimming pool with waterfall and fountain transforms your home into wellness paradise

You can also use bricks to build a construction that can provide sunscreen and privacy. Another option would be a patio roof that can shade the pool deck. For pool terraces set in the garden, a pergola can provide a shady place to relax. A wooden canopy can be chosen if you prefer more shade. They are wonderfully combined with climbing plants and waterfalls. Just an oasis!

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