With the elegant men’s suit it is the same as with the Modern suits Men impress with a variety of models, fabrics and colors
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Anzüge Herren schwarz Karohemd Krawatte
Anzüge Herren grau schwarze Krawatte Sonnenbrillen
Anzüge Herren dunkelrote Krawatte elegant
Anzüge Herren enge Hose modern
Anzüge Herren stilvoll in Tiefblau
Anzüge Herren weisse Hose blaues Hemd
Anzüge Herren eleganter Look komplett schwarz
Anzüge Herren schwarz rote Krawatte
Anzüge Herren schwarze Krawatte rosa Hemd
Anzüge Herren schwarz mit farbigem Hemd kombinieren
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Anzüge Herren schwarz casual Tshirt
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The stylish suit is the basis of the well-kept men’s wardrobe and is simply indispensable in the business world. With the correctly chosen, perfectly fitting suit you create the impression of a confident, elegant man who is also a trustworthy business partner. In addition to the professional world, you will need a suit for all official occasions with a personal character, and last but not least, a man in a suit is also much more attractive to the ladies! And what characterizes the perfect men’s suit? The modern and stylish look is not the most important thing – more important is that you feel comfortable in it and have the freedom of movement you need. Finding the model that suits you best – that’s actually the condition for the confident male look! And to fulfill them, you should follow a few golden rules when choosing your suit – read on to find out who they are!

Men’s suits: 6 golden rule that will help you find the perfect suit for you!

Anzüge Herren blaue Hose braunes Sakko
Anzüge Herren blau florales hemd
Anzüge Herren graue Krawatte sakko stilvoll
Anzüge Herren Sakko Weste Krawatte Jeans
Anzüge Herren grau Matt Damon
Anzüge Herren gar brauner Mantel
Anzüge Herren grau Halstuch casual
Anzüge Herren Sakko mit Pulli kombinieren
Anzüge Herren dunkelblau rote Krawatte stilvoll
Anzüge Herren Blazer mit rosa oder kariertes Hemd
Anzüge Herren braun mit Jeanshemd modern
Anzüge Herren Sakko Streifenmuster Sommer
When you put on the new suit for the first time, you should pay attention to the following details:

  1. Are the sleeves too tight or too wide? Ideally, they should give you enough freedom of movement and reach to the bottom of your thumb. The shirt cuff dart about 1cm look under the sleeve.
  2. Can you grip the jacket seam with your fingers? If not, the jacket may be too long for you. Ideally, it should end about 5cm below the sleeve, but the length sometimes depends on the cut of the specific model.
  3. Stand in front of the mirror with the jacket closed to see if anything is tensing or folding on the chest. If this is not the case, the garment has the right width for you.
  4. Particularly important for your holistic look is the seam of the shoulder area: this must not be tense – otherwise the suit loses its shape by folding in the area of ​​the back. To avoid this effect, opt for a model that allows the seam to fall lightly over your shoulder.
  5. And last but not least, the pants should not be too long or too short – the perfect length is right up to the heel of the shoe. The pants should also not be stretched, do not disturb the movements and sit not on the hip, but on the waist.

Men’s suits: How to stylishly wear the classic men’s garment?

Anzüge Herren modern schmales Revers
Anzüge Herren modern tailliert
Anzüge Herren stilvolle Looks
Anzüge Herren dunkelblau Winter Herbst
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Anzüge Herren schwarz weisses Hemd rote Krawatte
Anzüge Herren hellbeige Flip Flops
Anzüge Herren helle Hose ohne Sakko Sommer
Anzüge Herren sportliche beige Hose dunkelblaues Sakko
Anzüge Herren schwarz gemustertes Hemd
Anzüge Herren tailliert schmales Revers
There are two options for the jacket selection – either double-breasted or single-breasted. Double-breasted suits are very official and should be kept closed while wearing and sitting, while the single breasted models radiate sporty elegance. They’re just perfect for the business casual look without a tie, which is a real hit among modern gentlemen. The color of the suit is also important – the lighter models in beige and gray are super elegant, but are not suitable for evening events. In this case, the dark suit in deep blue or black is a better choice. You could also combine different items to taste and create a very individual look – look at our photos to find such examples! And when it comes to modern men’s suits – this year, the slightly waisted models with high armholes and narrow lapels are in line with the trend. They look super stylish and are particularly suitable for men with a sporty figure.

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