You may think that short hair is practical, but offers much less styling potential compared to long hair. In this article, we try to convince you exactly the opposite! Here you will find everything about the most modern short hairstyles for women, who can wear them, and how to style short hair. Enjoy reading! We hope you enjoy our 5 suggestions!

Short hairstyles for a trendy and elegant look

Long hair has long been considered a sign of femininity, but the short hairstyles can also look super sexy, playful and feminine! Look at the photos in this post to see for yourself! Today, more and more women, including many stars like Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Miley Cyris, dare to make a cheeky short hairstyle and radically change their look. The advantages are clear – short hair can be styled very quickly and easily, and you do not have to blow dry for hours, as is the case with a long mane. In addition, the short hairstyles look very modern, bring the face to perfection, and are the best option for the hot summer days, right? The styling variants are no less than with the long and medium-long hair, and below we present you 5 trendy short hairstyles that you could try for yourself. Let yourself be inspired!

Who can wear short hair?

Now, you’re probably wondering if short hair would ever be yours. There is actually an easy way to check this. Take a long ruler and a pencil. Place the pencil horizontally against the chin, and the ruler – preferably vertically under the earlobe so that they form a 90 ° angle. Now, see how many inches the pencil’s spine shows – if the number is under 5.5 cm, short hair would just stand you perfectly!

Style Short Hair – Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle has its origins in the 1920s and has become a timeless classic among short hairstyles. Usually it is worn chin-length, but there is also a shorter version, where the hair is cut to the earlobe, with a short, straight bangs – this haircut is actually called “Garcon cut”. The Bob hairstyle looks very elegant, and is suitable for any face shape and hair structure! There are also different styling options – from the classic sleek look to the modern, disheveled version.

Style Short Hair – Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut takes its name from a mythical creature, namely Elf. This short hairstyle looks super feminine, because it combines different hair lengths in an impressive cut. The styling variants are enormous, but there is a similarity between them – the hairs on the sides and neck are worn very short, while the top hair is cut into a triangle and kept longer. This hairstyle is suitable for women with different face shapes, and can give much more volume to thin hair.

Naughty Short Hairstyles – Undercut

This cheeky and extravagant short hairstyle is the perfect choice for self-confident women. The coat hair is left much longer than the lower hair. A special form of the undercut is the so-called sidecut, in which the hair on one side of the crown is shaved off very briefly. This hairstyle brings out the oval face better, and is particularly suitable for women with thick hair and soft facial features. There are different ways to style an undercut – either with a great on the head, or by the longer covering hair set aside.

Trendy Hairstyles for Short Hair – Shag Hairstyle

This hairstyle comes from the 80’s, and is worn chin or even shoulder length. It’s actually about a Stuffenschnitt, in which the pony and the top hair are left very long. The hairstyle is really practical and easy to care for – you can just wash your hair and let it air dry! This style of short haircut is perfect for women with curly or wavy hair.

Style Short Hair – Buzz Cut

This is perhaps the most radical short haircut you could choose. No other hairstyle would bring out the beauty of your face better than the Buzz Cut! He is also the most easy-care hairstyle for short hair. It’s just perfect for women with soft facial features, but if you have a square face, you’d better do without it.

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