Feel the warm sunshine on your skin, then it is true – summer is knocking on the door! It’s time to take the summer clothes out of the dark ends of the closet. Some clothes look too old or old-fashioned, no problem. In this post we will tell you some techniques that will help you easily and almost for free to update your closet for summer. From bleach and textile dyes to beautiful pearls and pebbles, to soft lace – the possibilities to spice things up are limitless. Read more than 25 techniques for the summer pants redesign and let it inspire you.

Spice up summer trousers with color markings

Hardly any other garment can embody the sensation of sunny days and happy nights in summer, like a pair of white pants. Turn your old white trousers into a statement piece that has all eyes on you. For this you need some color markers in desired colors for textile, a pair of white pants, scissors, lace, and patience.

DIY guide for lightweight summer pants with floral design

  1. Insure the listed materials.
  2. Place the top on a trouser leg. (For our guide, we have chosen a floral pattern lace, but you can also use other alternative flower design.)
  3. Color the contours with the color marker.
  4. Remove the tip and you can see the result.

It’s so easy to give your old white pants a new and modern look. Just pick up the steps again until you find the pants perfect. Now you can put on your newly designed summer pants and wear it with pride on the streets!

Redesign women’s denim pants without stitching

Here are 4 simple instructions for the summer pants Spice up. The instructions are not only aimed at long women’s trousers, but also at women’s short beach pants. Buy picks and rivets in various shapes, golden leather and patterned fabric from craft shops and fabric shops. You need scissors, hot glue gun, pliers as equipment. Do not forget the old pants.

The necessary materials and equipment

DIY summer jeans with studs

Use the pliers to open the fastening elements of the rivets. Now push in the rivets. The denim fabric is thin, so the puncture of the teeth does not require intensive efforts. On the inside of the trousers bend the corners. The instructions are pretty fast and the result looks beautiful. According to the trend in the fashion world, the designers put the women’s summer pants with a statement piece on the outer edges of the pants, so we put on this look to give the old jeans.

DIY women’s summer pants with patterned fabric

The 7/8 pants is an absolute trend in the summer. Give your old jeans a modern look in three steps. For this you need old jeans of course, patterned fabric, scissors and hot glue gun. Put on the jeans and with the help of a chalk mark the desired length. Take off the jeans again. Now fold the pant legs until the targeted length is reached. Measure how much fabric you need to cover the inside of the folded pant legs and cut the pieces off the fabric. Glue the fabric parts on it. VoilĂ , new colorful pants for summer!

DIY golden summer pants made of denim

The golden metal color has been a hit for several years. Golden fingernails, golden make-up, golden accessories, golden clothes – the gold color itself is a real eye-catcher, so it is so popular. Our guide is a combination of the previous two guides, but the final product is more generous. Have no doubt that when you wear this look on the streets, all eyes are on you.

DIY women summer pants made of cotton with spickes

This great guide is as simple as it seems. Fold, cut, stick and put on! Take a look at the other instructions and take the opportunity to beautify your old summer clothes! Have fun and wait for photos of your creations on our Facebook page.

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