Wohnwand Hülsta perfectly combines a clear line with surprising flexibility. The most beautiful Hülsta product lines show that “Everything is possible, nothing is a must”.

Wohnwand Hülsta – Now! It is easy!

So many different units. All of them handsome, spacious and practical. Simple yet clever, they are ready for anything: planning, organizing, storing, changing things. Modular living is announced now! Empty is extremely versatile, as this enormous area allows you to mount a wall or a fireplace, as well as to combine different units. It is not a problem to rearrange or move. Clean and simple lines, a straightforward approach. Come with the pure white! The simple units, the light gray frames and the subtle accents in natural or light gray oak not only complement each other, but also look fabulous in a creative mix of styles.
now! No.14 has many faces: The Clean-Line-System program offers many ideas for different living areas.

Lacquer and high-gloss lacquer, gray and white, walnut and oak can be perfectly combined with each other and with the typical now!

The coffee table is changeable, the sideboard transforms into a media unit that also provides ambient light ranging from subtle to colorful.
During the day, No.14 is a solid design line: classic, timeless, glossy – and very relaxed. Wrapped shades, perfect workmanship. At night, light and color can be optionally added at the touch of a button.

Storage wall Hülsta – XELO

XELO stands for flexible living. Its versatility allows you to find distinctive solutions for every area of ​​the house: living room, dining room or hallway. The modern functional units, as well as the media panel play a major role in this. The design line combines versatile stand-alone units with system furniture that can be easily customized, allowing the living room combinations to justify personal requirements. Light-heartedness is an essential feature, especially for wall-mounted appliances.

Storage wall Hülsta – TAMETA

TAMETA is both a stylish design concept and a clever furniture system. It provides ample storage space, is uncomplicated and convincing, and has balanced versatility while retaining its elegant look. It works just as well as a living room combination, as a single unit in living rooms, dining rooms or corridors. It offers many options with the optional mix of matt lacquer, warm wood tones and light-framed glass fronts in various finishes.
TAMETA is simple – and easy to plan: the open units cover the wall surface within the design. The wall units give a light and airy atmosphere, as do the fully or partially back-painted glass fronts. TAMETA achieves a perfect integration of technology and units that are tailored for use with modern media.

Storage wall Hülsta – GENTIS

The extravagant combinations and the expressive soloists of GENTIS make an amazing statement in the living room. Choose a pure design or an extravagant mix of elegant lacquer and wood. The living room area focuses on a minimalist look, combined with natural wood and high quality leather.

A large sideboard as a monumental TV unit, an elegant showcase for a private exhibition, a floating wall as a functional art object – the designer pieces from GENTIS fascinate with their modern style and with the possibility of a light feeling with the clever LED To give lighting.

Storage wall Hülsta – VEDUA

The solid wood furniture like VEDUA creates a special atmosphere: excellent and cozy in a traditional way. VEDUA translates the soothing effect of organic materials into a modern living concept that captivates with its clean lines and exceptional craftsmanship. It brings the strong character of solid wood with the elegant expression of gently shaped glass units.

VEDUA shows how living and dining rooms can be beautifully connected. Designed as a single unit, it can contain only a single piece or a combination of selected pieces from coffee tables to wall-mounted sideboards. Wall lowboards, showcases and highboards can be combined with freestanding units to create an impressive living environment.

Storage wall Hülsta – FENA

Concrete gray meets planked oak, an elegant glass cabinet meets firm sideboard, style meets functionality. By mixing apparent contrasts, FENA proves how well very different yet original materials can be combined in a well-balanced design.

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