A stone-look wall offers different stone solutions: a large amount of narrow parts together adds kneadable components without exception with the same level of sophistication. The components are laid side by side and give the impression of a uniform stone wall with sculpture.

Stylish interior using stone optic wall

A stone-look wall is of a noble utility and is characterized by fashion-conscious embossing high-tech, which realizes lousy stable, durable and original formations. These wall coverings make every room a real eye-catcher! In the field of view stone optics there is the possibility to choose for the wall of over 10000 models. There are panels for every taste. The panels weigh between 3 and 7 kg and can be glued effortlessly.

Such wall coverings are already being used in retail, restaurant and hotel industries as well as at home or for photo productions. The indoor and outdoor use opportunities open up a wide range of application perspectives. Residential and building trends are improving, but building with forest products such as wood and stone is stopping and building as an ongoing time style.

Why stone optics wall?

The stone wall is a good example of the fact that humanity wants to possess all that is not “sane”. With the use of bricks on interior walls you have the opportunity to bring in field and forest in the homestead. Bricks are expertly crafted stones that co-ordinate the flair of natural stone and the strength of modern manufacturing products. Here are our contemplative examples that will make sure that you have to make a decision for Steinoptik Wall exactly and at this moment:

Stone wall in the bedroom – determine the bricks

for a pleasant ambience

Natural stone facing are adapted for all living spaces.

Nights match perfectly with neutral and delicate colors. They are often needed to create a contradiction.

Stone wall in the bedroom is not really strange.

neutral color scheme

made up background color

en vogue bath facility

Noble design

Use facing bricks as a fireplace cladding

Wall cladding made of facing bricks

Use accent

A flower can play significant role.

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