Lately, stone look for wall cladding is gaining more and more popularity. Most customers want an original alternative to the most common wall coverings – wallpapers, and the stone can give any room a cozy and stylish atmosphere. Here you would find original examples of this type wall cladding.

Stone look with wall cladding creates a special atmosphere

The stone look of wall cladding is characterized by the fact that it can scaffold the feeling of naturalness and originality in every room. Therefore, such wall design makes the atmosphere in your apartment really unusual and special. If you choose this type of wall design, there are a tremendous number of original and great deals on the market – you might be surprised.

Classic wall cladding with stone look – natural stone

Classic wall cladding in stone look is perhaps the most common and preferred by most people variant. The rough beauty of the stone creates a cozy atmosphere in the home and also brings nature closer to nature. But natural stone is often not a cheap affair. Instead, you can opt for bricks if you want to enjoy stone look in wall design. Veneer stones are a good alternative because they mimic the look of the real stone, but have nothing to do with its weight and price.

Wall cladding with bricks

Bricks are not only ideal imitations of natural stone, they also guarantee the good insulation of the walls. They can be found in numerous variants, which differ in color, weight and price – you can find, for example, facing bricks in gypsum, concrete, marble, granite, or brick on the market. They are also easy to care for and resistant to moisture.

Wall cladding with stone panels

The stone panels, which can be found on the market in a variety of models, look as authentic as the bricks, and are even cheaper. Your installation is super easy and can only be done in a week. Whether you want to redesign the space or just renovate, consider the idea of ​​a wall with stone panels. The stone wall would be a modern accent in space – whether in the kitchen, in the bedroom or living room. Stone panels are suitable for any interior design style and can totally change the atmosphere in the room. They can also be used well as a chimney cowling.

Tiles in stone look

Tiles in stone look characterized by elegance and rough beauty. As a wall cladding, they are now fully in vogue. They perfectly mimic the look of natural stone, and in most cases are thicker than the other tile models, which guarantees a high breaking strength. Tiles in stone look are ideal not only for a creative wall design, but are also good for flooring.

Wall cladding in gemstone look

When it comes to stone look for wall cladding, today there are many patterns that look really extravagant and extraordinary. The most modern variant is certainly wall cladding in gemstone look. Thanks to modern technology, it interprets the structure and characteristics of natural gemstones. And the result looks unique. Through the successful play of shapes and colors, these panels give the walls a new expressive power. There are different models, but they look particularly chic, representing the beauty of the gems amethyst, onyx and malachite. If you decide on such a wallcovering, but the decor should be simpler, preferably in the modern minimalist style.

Photo wallpapers in stone look

If you want original wall cladding in stone look, photo wallpapers are also a good solution. These perfect imitations of natural stone are easy to maintain and change, not cheap at all, and found on the market in a variety of molds. If you want a cozy atmosphere, it would be a good idea to just wallpaper one wall and paint the others in warm colors like red, yellow, orange or pink. In this way, you can put accents in the room with the stone wallpaper.

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