Having your own garden is a real treasure for many people. If you already have a garden, but want to refresh or decorate it, then there are many possibilities in front of you. Have you ever considered putting a stone garden fountain in the garden? Why not! A stone garden fountain brings a happy mood and could fit any garden style. The water has a calming effect, which is why the garden fountain made of stone is very popular. By and large, the garden is the place to relax and have fun, so it is very important that you enjoy it. For this reason, a stone garden fountain is a great idea for your garden decoration! Below are inspiring ideas on how to make your garden a stone garden fountain.

A stone garden fountain is a real eye-catcher

A stone garden fountain gives the garden a lively look with a happy mood. With it you create a real eye-catcher when entering the outdoor area. The garden fountain from Steins not only looks nice, but would be useful to you. The water that murmurs reassuringly, you can use for watering the plants and thus save a lot of money.

Stein garden fountain is suitable for every garden style

Garden fountains can be found in principle in all shapes and sizes. With numerous styles and designs, these can be adapted to any garden style, depending on your own desire and taste. Stein garden fountains bring elegance and give the outdoor area a special glow.

Stone garden fountains you can also build yourself

So you can save money or   To avoid unfair costs, you are welcome to build the stone garden fountain yourself. It’s not difficult at all and the end effect is even more fun because it has been designed according to your taste. The principle is simple – the whole system consists of a bamboo or metal pipe, a stone basin and a pump to allow a closed circuit. It is recommended that the stone garden fountain be fixed over a stable foundation of gravel, so that it is more stable and endures for a long time. Especially in the rain, the gravel base is very helpful.


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