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Do you have any idea what “Steampunk” means exactly? This is actually the name of a phenomenon that has its origins in the 80s and 90s. It all started as a literary movement, closely linked to the style of the Victorian era. Over time, this has evolved into an art genre, a cultural movement and even entire subculture that remains popular today. The Steampunk is a movement that combines elements from the Victorian era, science fiction, fantasy and horror. The most common is the typical Victorian clothing style with “futuristic” elements from the world of technology. What the steampunk costumes for women and men look like, you can find out from our photos.

Steampunk Clothes: Great Idea for Carnival, Halloween and Theme Parties

Steampunk Kleidung Gruppenkostüm Fasching
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Steampunk Kleidung Fasching Paar
The figure of Steampunk has its origins in the novels of two authors – those of the famous writers Jules Verne and Herbert George Wells. For this reason, the accessories for a steampunk costume are strongly influenced by these novels. It describes the future of technology from the point of view of industrialism, so gears, pocket watches, and welding goggles are an inseparable part of the costume. The Steampunk clothing is a great idea not only for carnival, but also for Halloween or a theme party.

Steampunk clothing for ladies

Steampunk Kleidung Frau Coursage Schweißerbrillen

Steampunk Kleidung Frau Mantel Weste Schirm
Steampunk Kleidung viktorianisches Kleid Streifenmuster
Steampunk Kleidung rau Coursage Schweißbrillen
Steampunk Kleidung Frau Coursage Zahnräder
Steampunk Kleidung Frau viktorianisches Kleid Coursage
Steampunk Kleidung Frau viktorianischer Stil
Steampunk Kleidung Frau prachtvolles Kleid Taschenuhr Schweißbrillen
Steampunk Kleidung Frau Hut prachtvolles Kleid
Steampunk Kleidung tolle Ideen für Damen und Herren
Steampunk Kleidung viktorianisches Kleid Gehstock
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The steampunk clothing for women looks particularly elegant and gorgeous. The typical 19th century skirts and dresses are combined with petticoats, stylish corsets, gloves and stunning hair accessories. A classic for Victorian fashion was the shirred skirt, which looks really impressive. The leather trousers in combination with a matching coat represent another variant. The colors also play a role in the steampunk clothing. Above all, dark tones such as black, brown, midnight blue, deep purple, emerald green or ruby ​​red are chosen. The petticoats and blouses are often in classic white.
To make your costume look very authentic, get a full breast or underbust courssage. The special thing is that this is not worn as underwear, but as a top. The notes are often made of leather, lace or brocade, and impress with their unusual look. Alternatively, you can wear a vest, aviator or riding jacket. And when it comes to make-up, we recommend choosing warm earth tones combined with black, white or gold. So your overall look will look quite natural.

Steampunk clothing for men

Steampunk Kleidung Mann Weste Schweißerbrillen elegant
Steampunk Kleidung Anzug Gehstock Zylinder
Steampunk Kleidung Lederhandschuhe Zylinder
Steampunk Kleidung Taschenuhr Schweißerbrillen Zylinder
Steampunk Kleidung Mann Roboter Hand
Steampunk Kleidung Schweißerbrillen Weste elegant
Steampunk Kleidung Zylinder Schweißerbrillen
Steampunk Kleidung Anzug Krawatte Schweißerbrillen
Steampunk Kleidung Mann Anzug Weste Zylinder
The steampunk clothing for men is also characterized by special elegance. The gentlemen can dress up as crazy scientists, engineers, air pirates or popular book and movie heroes – such as Phileas Fogg or Sherlock Holmes. The perfect steampunk costume for men is actually an elegant suit with vest, shirt and a tasteful tie. This look is complemented by accessories such as pocket watches, cylinders, gloves and goggles. As with the ladies, the color scheme is mostly dark – classic black, brown, beige and saturated tones like burgundy are the best choice. The gentlemen from the Victorian era were gentlemen and their clothes should reflect that idea.

Important accessories for the steampunk costume

Steampunk Kleidung passende Accessoires
Steampunk Kleidung Accessoires Spitzenhandschuhe
Steampunk Kleidung Zylinder Hut
Steampunk Kleidung Accessoires Coursage
The most important accessories for the steampunk clothing are actually the elegant gloves with and without fingers for the ladies (leather for air pirates and pilot or lace), as well as the elegant umbrellas. And a must for the men are the big pocket watches with gears or futuristic weapons. The Victorian gentlemen should also get a walking stick and whistle. Welding goggles are also an important element of the Steampunk costume and can be worn by both sexes.


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