Summer is coming soon and you want to be fit again? Start with jogging! This is actually one of the most popular sports that most people choose to burn calories and stay fit and healthy. In this article you will find many helpful tips and the answers to the most important questions that you should know before you start to jog. Enjoy reading!

Start jogging: The first steps can be difficult

Jogging is actually one of the easiest sports – you can train as often and as long as you want, and all you need is sportswear and matching shoes. But the first steps can be really difficult because in the beginning your stamina and performance are not as great as with the “right” runners – especially for people who have not practiced sports for more than two years or over 35 years are old. But the difficulties should not be a reason to disappoint and give up running. In this article, we’ll show you how to properly start jogging so that your performance gradually increases and you overcome physical fatigue. Just read our tips below!

Start jogging: Do not overdo it!

The first important rule is not to overdo it. It is unrealistic to expect that you can master a marathon route right from the start. As stated above, stamina increases only gradually, so it is very important to set achievable goals. Start at a slower pace and stop jogging with walking phases – for example, start with one minute of walking and two minutes of walking. The workout should not be longer than 20-30 minutes. After the first week, you gradually try to reduce the walking phase and extend the running sections. Be patient and you will see the desired result soon!

Find the right running speed

The walking speed is actually a private matter – it is not obligatory to cover the running distance as fast as possible. Find your feel-good pace and try to follow it. Jogging can be more enjoyable if you also take an equal partner with you – the spouse or best friend / girlfriend is a good option. After training, you can try to stretch the warmed up muscle easily. But that’s not a must – just do it if you think it makes sense.

Choose sportswear and matching shoes

You should also think about sportswear when you want to start jogging. It is not necessary to buy special running clothes – a comfortable sweatpants, T-shirt made of cotton and top, according to the weather and season, are quite sufficient. The shoes are actually the most important thing. Whether you buy a cheap model for 15 euros or opt for the expensive, which costs 250 euros – the running shoes should be comfortable in any case and be tuned on their own foot.

Walk in the morning or in the evening?

Whether you walk in the morning or in the evening does not really matter – it depends on the fact that you are an early riser or a morning grouch. According to most experts, afternoon is the ideal time for exercise, but the majority of people are still in the workplace. It is important to not exercise at least two hours before going to sleep, otherwise it may lead to sleep disorders. There is also no rule that you should not eat and drink before jogging – each digestive system actually responds differently to the food. However, it is recommended to avoid dishes that contain too much fat or sugar, so you will not feel sick.

Jogging in the park or on the street?

Most people jog in the park, but you can walk on the paved road – it is not harmful to the joints. But if you are worried, buy damp shoes that reduce the strain. In pain, it’s best to stop exercising and go to the doctor – pain is always a warning signal that you need to take seriously.

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