Spring represents the beginning of a new beginning, the progress, the flowering of new things, the birth and the new life. The weather warms up and gradually everything turns green. So shed your winter coat and start following this list to enjoy the fun possibilities of the spring season! Enclosed you will find our tips and some beautiful spring pictures!

Soothing spring pictures

Outside is great

1. Plant something green
2. See the cherry blossoms
3. Have a picnic in the park
4. Find the first crocuses and snowdrops
5. Jogging outside

6. Take a hike

7. Play softball
8. Ride a bike
9. Sit outside in a cafe
10. Visit a farm to see the animals
11. Go to a lonely beach
12. Play a round of golf
13. Go horse riding

Nostalgic spring fun activities and spring pictures

1. Fly a kite
2. Search for four-leaf clover leaves
3. Jump in puddles
4. Get dirt under your fingernails
5. Blow bubbles
6. Climb on a tree
7. Find a playground and swing on the swings

8. Feed the ducks in a pond

9. Bathing in a stream
10. Draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk
11. Throw stones into a pond

12. Plan a short spring vacation

to eat and drink

1. Cook fresh asparagus
2. Steam whole artichokes and eat them leaf by leaf
3. Bake cupcakes with pink, lavender, yellow or baby blue frosting
4. Eat a ripe apricot
5. Visit the farmer’s market and buy spinach and sweet peas
6. Pick fresh strawberries
7. Eat Jellybeans
8. Buy a packet of sunflower seeds

9. Make a margarita bouquet

Still some spring fun activities

1. Listen to how the rain falls
2. Watch the bumblebees at work in a garden
3. Notice how the trees bud
4. Discover a rainbow
5. Listen to how the birds sing

6. Go barefoot

7. Feel the sun on your face
8. Leave the windows open to catch the spring breeze
9. Stroke a rabbit
10. Watch all the movies that won an Oscar
11. Send a Mother’s Day card to someone other than your mother

12. Wear open shoes

13. Buy a funny umbrella
14. Visit the zoo
15. Decorate your home with fresh tulips and daffodils
16. Get caught by a spring shower

Discover fresh spring pictures!

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