Celebrate the beginning of spring by making a beautiful flower wreath for the front door itself! You can cordially invite your guests to the house and show their joy over the new warm season. Spring crafting also gives you the opportunity to realize your own creative ideas by making original decorations for the home – yourself or with the help of your children. In this post we offer you a guide and inspiring examples of how to make a door wreath of spring flowers. Let yourself be inspired!

Spring tinkers with natural materials

Of course, the materials you need for spring tinkering are different from those that are characteristic of the fall and winter seasons. For example, traditional for spring colors are green, yellow, pink, purple, orange and sky blue. And when it comes to the spring decoration, the flowers, bee, butterflies, ladybugs, birds and bows are something typical and indispensable. If you can not quite imagine what your homemade door wreath will look like, check out our gallery – the photos will inspire you!

Make a door wreath with spring flowers yourself

Spring tinkering is easy and entertaining in most cases – the same goes for making a door wreath yourself. For this purpose, you only need fresh spring flowers – for example lilies of the valley, daffodils, gerberas, tulips or hyacinths, and green branches. The Weigen branches are particularly suitable for wreaths, so you can try it out. Tie the branches like a circle first and use glue or a colorful bow to make your wreath stable. Another option is to use flower wire. After that it is only necessary to decorate a wreath with the flowers you have chosen. If the branches are without leaves, you can add a few more. The flowers and leaves are fixed again with glue or ribbon. The spring wreaths, which are only made of a kind of flower, are especially stylish – for example, only tulips. You can also make a wreath of green branches that is tied only with a nice bow.

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