When designing your own dream kitchen, you may be looking for a part where you can personalize and give more uniqueness to your kitchen. Express your individualism on the kitchen back wall! It can be designed not only modern, but an effective splash guard for kitchen. Immerse yourself in our creative world of ideas and you will design your splash guard so that it becomes an eye-catcher and eye-catcher. Whether with or without motif, made of glass, acrylic glass, wood or metal – we present all variants and their advantages.

What you have to consider when choosing the kitchen splash guard

The splash guard brings more color and sometimes different style in the kitchen, so you have to choose the design properly and creatively. Also think about color design. The wood, for example, does not fit in a kitchen in silver and metal. The material is not to be underestimated. The surface must be easy to clean. Also note the location. A splash guard over the stove protects the wall from grease stain. With our tips and information about different materials you will definitely make the right decision.

The simplest variant of splash guard for kitchen: The latex paint

If you have not planned a large cost for this part of your kitchen, choose latex paint for the splash guard. In this way, you will put the kitchen back wall in scene. Do not forget that the latex offers no protection – it is water repellent and abrasion resistant. But take note of the location if you opt for latex paint. It can not protect against grease stains, so it is not suitable for the area above the stove.

Trend 2017 is stainless steel splash guard

If the design of your kitchen belongs to the modernity and minimalism you complete your kitchen back walls with stainless steel. This material can be found as wall panels made of high-pressure laminate panels and lightweight composite panels. Do not worry, the assembly is easy. And that’s not all. You can customize these panels according to your taste – with a motif, for example, like flowers or sayings, or with different colors. The mirror-smooth surfaces look very modern and minimalist. Yes, you may be thinking of the care. All you need is a sponge and detergent – easy and inexpensive! The stainless steel splash guard keeps moisture away, has many practical benefits and brings a modern touch in the kitchen. That’s why our top-of-the-top is in the list of kitchen back walls.

Glass kitchen backs

If you hear about glass in the kitchen, you may have great damage and difficult cleaning in mind. But on the contrary! This is about a safety glass that is heat resistant. Of course that means you can put over the stove as well. On the glass you can also press an interesting motif to give your kitchen an individual touch. With the glass, the kitchen looks more valuable and well-groomed and that is also a hygienic material.

A splash guard made of wood is perfect for modern kitchen, as well as for country style

Not last is the well-known wood. Yes, this material is also suitable for splash protection, especially if your entire kitchen is made of solid wood. But not only. The modern design and trends say that wood is an important part in the minimalist kitchen. Exactly because the splash guard is an eye-catcher! But it is particularly important that the wood is first coated with wood sealant because it absorbs moisture and grease. If the wood is too dangerous for you next to the stove and sink, choose tile wood look. They look just as warm and cozy!

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