Space-saving furniture: compact solutions for every living space

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Today, space-saving furniture is offered by all major furniture manufacturers, such as IKEA, and is in great demand – especially in the cities, where one often feels oppressed by the smaller living spaces. This type of furniture offers a definitive solution to the problem of Space-saving furniture: How can you make the most of the available space?
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The biggest advantage of the space-saving furniture is that you not only create more storage space, but also clear order in the small apartment, which otherwise quickly seems chaotic. You can find suitable space-saving furniture literally for every living room: practical bunk beds for the bedroom, a great library wall with work space for your home office, which is an alternative to the conventional desk, a practical folding sofa for the living room … even for the balcony and garden area There are pieces of furniture with modern, space-saving designs! The configurations in which the furniture is arranged play a very important role. Imagine that you play Lego – arranging the space-saving pieces of furniture goes by the same principle! To make the most of your available space, you can also draw a sketch to give you a better visual idea of ​​where the furniture will be exactly. An example of clever room design is when you place a compact desk in a niche, or under the stairs – so you have set up a small home office where you can work occasionally without using a whole room to the purpose! In order to maximize the available space, you should not underestimate the role of the colors: just paint the rooms in bright shades that reflect the sunlight and make the room seem more spacious. Opt for warm colors that create a cozy ambience – dark tones in a small space rather cloudy and oppressive effect.

Space-saving furniture impress with an attractive, futuristic look

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There are many examples of modern, space-saving designer furniture that we could give you. Matroshka Furniture AB, for example, offers a furniture system consisting of a double bed, a dining table, four stools, a bookshelf, a sitting area, a drawer, drawers and a work desk. The rectangular furniture impress with its minimalist look and sicnd just perfect for decorating a one bedroom apartment! The same goes for the bunk bed by Karen Babel, which is combined with a desk and bookshelf. The second mattress can be folded up as desired in a wall niche, so that it remains almost invisible. And if you place both mattresses on the floor, you get a practical loft bed for two! Space-saving rattan and plastic designer furniture sets for the garden or small balcony are also very popular. In addition, they are super easy-care and weather-resistant, and with their help, you can create a dreamy outdoor seating area – our photos will give you creative ideas for it. Today, space-saving patio furniture is also characterized by an attractive, minimalist design that transforms it into a real eye-catcher.

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