If you have small rooms in your apartment, you may dream of having a relaxing oasis at night and a large reception room or living area for the rest of the day. We have found the solution for you – the wall bed. It is also a creative option for a separate guest room. Whether as a folding bed or cabinet bed, this piece of furniture offers you flexibility and free movement.

An elegant bedroom design with wall bed

Without effort, the whole bed disappears into the wall and all it will leave is a much roomier room. In this way you can also combine bedrooms and living rooms in one room if you own a 2 bedroom apartment. And do not think that a wall bed looks awful. Nowadays, there are such innovative technologies and designs on the market that you can never see that there is a bed behind the wall.

Perfect: the bed turns into a sofa and shelf

This is a very interesting combination of furniture. The bed fits perfectly on the shelf and a small couch is revealed. When the bed goes down, you can practically sit on the couch or use it as a bed. Such a device fits very well in an office room. In a piece of furniture, you have enough space for documents, to sleep or to receive guests. A creative idea would be a bed on one side and a desk on the other side.

Handy for the nursery: With a wall bed you can make room for games

Nobody needs as much space in your home as your children. If you have more than one child, the wall bed is the best solution for you! You can have two separate beds in the room without wasting floor space. This colorful bedroom is very nice and it looks very spacious. Therefore, it seems that there is no bed in the room. But behind this nice little shelf is a comfortable wall bed. Fantastic! A creative idea for a game room. There’s another way to save floor space – with bunk beds. If you’ve already convinced yourself in the benefits of the wall bed, let yourself be inspired by our 21 creative ideas.

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