Solid furniture is not the best solution for every room. Does that mean that you should do without the large couch or the massive double bed if your apartment is only 300 square meters? However, one could afford massive furniture even if his apartment is small.

Are solid furniture suitable for every home?

Learn to use the space properly

However, there is a solution even in such situations. One should only think rationally and use the existing space in the best way to be able to afford solid furniture in a small apartment.

The importance of comparisons

When choosing new furniture, try to compare the concrete piece of furniture with the free space in your home. For example, if you are in a huge furniture store, you might think that the five meter sofa is just for you. If you put the same sofa in your living room, it would not look that good at all.

The right choice

The biggest problem with solid furniture is that you take up a lot of space. So the room looks much smaller and crowded. Therefore, you should choose correctly – a massive armchair or coffee table are perhaps a better solution than the long sofa.

Avoid the effect of the matchbox

To keep the simple and elegant decor of your home, you should not put more than three massive pieces of furniture in each room. That way you would avoid the effect of the matchbox.

Of particular importance is that all furniture is arranged correctly – there should be enough space between the individual pieces of furniture, so that one can move freely.

The size is also important

When choosing solid furniture, it is also very important that they are not too big compared to the other pieces of furniture in the concrete room. Otherwise, the device looks negligently selected.

The role of colors

The color of the walls also plays a big role in this case. If the room is in dark colors, it seems that it is much smaller. That’s why solid furniture in such a room will look inappropriate.

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