For many women, legs are a problem area. Therefore, in this article, we show you some effective exercises that will help you lose weight on your thigh in just a few weeks! Here you will also find useful tips on how you will not lose your dream figure for a long time. Enjoy reading!

Quick and permanent on the thigh – tips and tricks

In order to have slim legs, it is not really necessary to start a strict diet immediately. Sport alone can help you to lose weight quickly and effectively – for example, if you regularly practice endurance sports like jogging or walking, you will soon see the result. It is important that the type of sport you have selected puts enough strain on the leg muscle – the more active the movement, the faster you will burn off the excess fat and get rid of problems like cellulite and riding pants. Of course you can also do targeted leg exercises in the gym – the stepper or crosstrainer is simply ideal for this purpose. In this article, we offer you some effective exercises that you can do yourself at home. You really do not need more than 15 minutes of your time and a little space. It’s best to do the exercises four times a week – with a day off in between. After each workout, it is recommended to massage your leg muscles – the massage can do wonders for cellulite because it accelerates the blood circulation and thus stimulates fat burning. However, if you have set yourself the goal of keeping the result permanently, the exercises alone will not be enough. Therefore, below you will also find some useful tips on how to enjoy tight and slender thighs for as long as possible. We hope you enjoy our suggestions!

Effective exercises for slim legs – “stand scale”

The balance exercises like these are especially effective if you want to lose weight on your thighs. From a standing position, stretch the right leg backwards. Tense your stomach and bend your upper body forward with your arms outstretched. The weight should now only be shifted to your left leg. Try to stand in this position for about 15 seconds, then switch to the other leg. The exercise should be repeated three times per leg.

Effective exercises for the thighs – “Sqats”

This exercise is really exhausting and after the first time you will probably get sore, but it will definitely be worth the effort. Start from a standing position with legs open hip-width. Now bend your knees and extend your arms forward as if you were sitting on a chair. Try to stay in this position for 5 minutes. Repeat the exercise twice.

Slimming on the thigh – the exercise “Seitheber”

Lie on the right side by supporting the upper body with the right forearm. Tense the belly and raise the left leg as high as possible. Start slowly raising and lowering the leg and do 20 reps for each leg.

Effective Leg Exercises – “Lunges”

From a standing position with legs open hip-width, take a big step forward with your left leg. Tighten the abdomen tightly and try to bend the right leg deep down. After 15 repetitions, change the leg.

The exercise “thigh pushers”

This exercise is especially effective for the inside of the thighs. Lie on the right side by supporting your head with your right arm – your body should form a line. Place your left foot in front of your right knee and try to lift your right leg a few inches off the ground from this position. Do 15 reps per leg.

Quickly on the legs – more tips

If you have set yourself the goal of quickly losing weight on the legs and keeping the result as long as possible, you should first and foremost lead a healthy lifestyle. The balanced diet plays the most important role, but it is not necessary to constantly diet. It is also important to be active in everyday life and to move enough – this can prevent the unpleasant yo-yo effect.

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