Losing weight while asleep sounds just too good to be a truth. Instead of sticking to a strict diet or exercising everyday, you can easily lose a few pounds – just by dreaming a few hours of sweetness! But losing weight overnight is not a myth, and in this post we explain its basic principles. Below you will learn which are the golden rules that help you to become slender in your sleep. Follow our nutrition tips to achieve the desired goal! We wish you lots of fun and success!

Slim in sleep – myth or truth?

“Slender in sleep” (SIS) is actually the title of a book by the nutritionist dr. Detlef Pape, which was published in 2006. This is actually a weight loss program based on two basic principles – following the natural biorhythm and keeping a low insulin level. According to Pape, the high level of the hormone insulin in the blood can block fat burning. For this reason, it is most important for successful weight loss to combine foods so that insulin levels remain low. As stated above, this is not a strict diet – you have to have three meals a day and the only prohibited foods are snacks, sweets and soft drinks. Stat├čen recommends Dr. Pape of unsweetened teas, water and coffee. The most important thing for the success of the program is to stick to the rules – so you could be fit without hunger and tiring training!

Losing weight in your sleep – golden rules

The Sleek Sleep program has a few golden rules that are easy to remember, and below we’ll explain everything to you.

– You should have three meals a day with a gap in between of about 5 hours; It is especially important to the success of the program that you do not miss a meal

– Drink enough liquids – at least 2 liters per day

– Use whole grain instead of white flour

– Avoid snacks, soft drinks, sweets and all kinds of unhealthy fats

– As mentioned above, it is not necessary to do sports for hours every day, but the exercise in everyday life would accelerate the achievement of the goal – for example walking to work every morning, climbing stairs, etc.

– And last but not least, you also need enough time for sleep and relaxation; otherwise, the organism will produce stress hormones that promote hunger pangs

Slim in the sleep breakfast

According to Dr. Pape’s breakfast is the most important meal and should be particularly high in carbohydrates so we have enough energy during the day. Allowed are 75 to 125g of carbohydrates (which equals about 3 rolls!), And between 20 and 25g of fat. The rich animal products like yoghurt and milk are completely forbidden in the morning. The perfect breakfast would be, for example, cereal with fresh squeezed juice instead of milk or a slice of wholemeal bread with a vegetable spread.

Nutrition Tips – Lunch

At lunchtime you should take both animal products (such as low-fat meats) and carbohydrates (again between 75 and 125g). What is important is the healthy and balanced diet, which also includes a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Slim in the sleep dinner

Above all, dinner should be tasty – carbohydrates are completely forbidden. Opt for dairy products, low-fat meat or fish. Vegetables as a side dish are also allowed, but you should avoid some varieties such as peas, beans, carrots, corn and pumpkin. If you wish, you can also have a glass of wine or beer with your meal.

Slim in the sleep Reviews from a weight loss forum

Finally, we offer you 3 testimonials from people who have tried the Slim in the slimming program themselves:

“I lost 9 pounds last night with the sleep diet. I had 3 meals and a bit of sport. In the morning I had cereal with fruit and juice, at noon normal and in the evening salad, soup or vegetables with dip and always a large piece of cheese. From time to time a glass of wine and always a piece of chocolate (with at least 70% cocoa), otherwise I would have food cravings. It was easy and above all balanced. I basically ate until I was really full. It took longer (3 months), but I did not have a yo-yo effect afterwards. “

Julia, 38

“Slim in sleep can really work and for all of them now with their old-fashioned” Oh sports is enough and something does not bring anything! “I tell them something: first look at what is slender in sleep so you can really join in;) “

Jan, 42

“Well, I also had good experiences with” Slender sleep “. Is pretty easy to hold on as I think and works great. I lost 10 kilos within 3 months, but I also did sports 3 times a week. “

Brigitte, 25

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