Our everyday life is getting hectic. We rush from appointment to appointment, eat while standing and are online around the clock. Data Detox is a trend from America, which has meanwhile arrived with us. Just take a break, turn off your smartphone and relax deeply – who does not want that? That sounds pretty pleasant, but not everyone manages to really rest, not even in their own bedroom. This article explains why this is so, gives tips for a restful sleep and for bedroom design.

The future of sleep

Helle Farben und natürliche Materialien sorgen für eine ruhige Atmosphäre.
Bright colors and natural materials create a calm atmosphere.

” unter anderem diese spannende Aussage getroffen: The Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute has, among other things, made this exciting statement in a recent trend study called ” The Future of Sleep “:
“Sleeping becomes a lifestyle. This ensures that we invest more in bedroom furniture and celebrate sleep.
zum Must-Have wird. It also means that Peaceful sleep has a lot to do with a calm mind

Manchmal ist an Schlaf nicht zu denken
Sometimes sleep is out of the question

A bedroom can be set up according to all the rules of the art, but a regular sleep experience with an effective recreational effect is not enough. If the mind and soul are over-stimulated, the relaxation will be limited. ” festgestellt. The Techniker Kasse has also noticed this in their study ” Sleep well, Germany “. There are various breathing techniques, concentration exercises and yoga basics that are sleep-inducing. But what to do if an emotionally stressful situation, problems in the job or money worries cause restlessness and nothing to help? Here help funds that promote sleep. , der Wirkstoff hat sich bei Kindern bereits als hilfreich erwiesen. 5-HTP can help you sleep , the drug has already proven helpful in children. He improves the sleep behavior. The substance may also be effective in adults as the body converts 5-HTP into serotonin. This in turn is the basis for the formation of the sleep hormone melatonin.
Tip: People with sleep problems should not take this lightly. It is recommended to keep a sleep diary to find out the causes. In this way, the sleep behavior can be changed to find long-term rest during the night.

Thoughtful furnishing ensures peace and order

Little distracting, a lot of sleep-promoting – so a bedroom should be furnished. Distracting would be a variety of colors, shapes and textures. The opposite should prevail in the bedroom. Similar forms of furniture contribute significantly to a quiet mood. It does not always have to be furniture from the same series, but if individual pieces are put together in the bedroom, then they should harmonize with each other. This applies both in terms of color and form.
Some people swear by the Feng Shui teachings and set up their bedroom afterwards. Others rely on their own flair and get inspiration from magazines, furnishing magazines or while strolling through furniture stores. Each of the ways is legitimate and leads to the goal. In no other room is the statement “less is more” more important than in the bedroom. In a bedroom with minimal furniture, for example a bed, a wardrobe, an armchair and a side table, it is easier to relax than in a room that also has a crammed bookcase and a TV cabinet with a large TV.
Tip: Full laundry baskets, a work bag, a smartphone or a TV have nothing to look for in a bedroom. They considerably impair the possibilities of effective relaxation.

Gentle colors calm the mind

Gedämpfte Farben und weiche Texturen sorgen für Gemütlichkeit.
zu machen, kommt natürlich dem Bett eine zentrale Bedeutung zu. To make the Goethe’s theory of color provides valuable information about the effect of colors. With this knowledge, the color concept can be arranged individually.

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