Skull tattoo as a classic in body art

Schädel Tattoo 3D Optik
Schädel Tattoo Frau Rücken
Schädel Tattoo tolles Design Frau
Schädel Tattoo mexikanisches Design
Schädel Tattoo mit Rose originell
Schädel Tattoo schaurig
Schädel Tattoo tolle Vorlage
Schädel Tattoo mexikanisch
Schädel Tattoo Indianer Look
Schädel Tattoo bunt
Skull tattoos are considered a men’s business, but lately they have become more popular among women as well, and that’s not by chance, because the motif can be depicted very differently. The skull and crossbones tattoos can look really awesome and realistic, from very abstract to very original and aesthetic – just look at our photos to see for yourself! The size of the tattoos could of course also vary and the exact body area is a matter of taste – a skull tatoo is just as good for the chest, back, shoulder, and why not in mini format for the fingers, hand or ankle? The presentation can be classic black and white or colored – depending on the specific visual effect. And what is the meaning behind a skull tattoo? Read on to find out the answer!

Skull Tattoo – Meaning

Schädel Tattoo Mann Arm
Schädel Tattoo farbiges Design
Schädel Tattoo La Catrina
Schädel Tattoo tiefsinnig
Schädel Tattoo 3D Optik farbig
Schädel Tattoo Auge Mann Oberarm
Schädel Tattoo Baum realistisch
Schädel Tattoo Brust Mann
Schädel Tattoo der Tod

The skull tattoo actually has a number of meanings that can vary as well – for example, depending on the other motifs with which it is combined. The following symbolism is most common:
Verg- Transience of Life:

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