When it comes to elegant women’s hairstyles, high-set hairs are considered the “eternal classic,” as they have been popular with the majority of women for centuries. The reasons are obvious – such hairstyles are not only stylish, but also really practical, especially for long hair. In this article, you’d find plenty of creative ideas for beautiful and at the same time easy updos that are not at all as hard to copy as it might seem.

The timeless elegance of the raised hair

Updos are varied – there are so many different variations that you can experiment without limits. High-waisted hair is also perfect for all sorts of occasions – whether in the office or in the disco, they always impress with their timeless elegance. And if you combine the traditional updo with braids or voluminous curls, you can turn your hair into a true work of art. These kind of hairstyles emphasize the face in a beautiful way, and that’s the reason for their stylish and feminine appearance. Read on and be inspired by our suggestions for easy updos!

Styling possibilities with Dutt

Perhaps the simplest updo that can be done very quickly is a loose ponytail bun. For this it is necessary to tie only the hair to the ponytail and then divide it into individual strands, which are loosely wrapped around the hair elastic and finally fastened with hair clips. You can make an elegant and quick bun hairstyle, even by dividing your hair into three large strands. Then make a small bun from the middle one. Divide the other two strands once more in two and wrap loosely around the bun. Such casual bun hairstyles can carry you to work, as they are both playful and sweet. And best of all, you do not need more than 10 minutes every morning to make you. You can also complement your hairstyle with beautiful paper flowers or hairclips with glittering ornaments. To keep the Dutt all day long, fix it with hair lacquer.

Simple Hochstekfrisuren with braids

There are many simple updos, where the classic bun can be combined with elegant braids. Such hairstyles usually take a bit more time, but the result is well worth the effort. Here’s a simple guide to such an elegant hairstyle that will guarantee your glamorous appearance, especially on official occasions. First, tie your hair into a ponytail by hanging a triangular piece in the front area. Then you can start braiding by always taking one strand from the ponytail and one from the front part. As a result, you get a braid, which runs around the hair elastic. When the strands of the front part are already over, braid with the part of the ponytail. The end of the braid should be attached with a hair clip, so that it is as far as possible not visible. This simple updo can be done for about half an hour. Have fun trying!

Simple updos with curls

An updo with curls would give you a stylish and at the same time romantic look. An effective updo that attracts attention with pretty curls can be done in this way: before you start the hairstyle yourself, use a curling iron to create a foundation of curls to give your hair a certain structure. Then tie the hair into a ponytail, but only pick up the strands in the middle of the head. The next step is to make a small bun out of it by wrapping the ponytail around the hair tie and attaching its end with hair clip in such a way that it is as invisible as possible. The hair that you did not pick up in the ponytail can either be left free or wrapped around the hair tie as well. The hairstyle would last longer if you additionally fix with hair lacquer. Finished!

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