Dear short-haired women, the general opinion that you can not do anything with the short hair is the biggest fallacy. Twisted, twisted, braided – the variety of possibilities for braiding hair for short hair is comparable only with the bottomless. Loosen up your shoulder-length hair and give it the finishing touch with a nice braid. Here we have brought together the best braiding hairstyles in an overview and in addition, you can also do a lot of foolproof instructions for shoulder-length hair braiding. Gather great inspirations and bring variety into your daily look.

Braiding shoulder-length hair: Put on the braided hairstyles for the summer

The braided hairstyles are an absolute megatrend in the beauty world, especially in the summer. On the one hand, they look beautiful and give you a naturally beautiful look. On the other hand, they are the best hairstyle that gives your beach look the finishing touch and also keep the hair on the beach. But for a flawless lichen, you should learn some tricks in advance. First, do not wash your hair before braiding, because the hairstyle does not last long. In principle, the healthy hair is very smooth and slippery, so use a dry shampoo or hair powder to have better grip when braiding. Lastly, do not use hair elastics with pieces of metal because they can cause hair breakage. If you do not have matching hair elastics, angle a strand around the end of the braid and pin a clamp in place.

The crown jewels of braided hairstyles: French braid

Here comes the absolute classic of all braiding hairstyles – the” french braid> . He’s totally hip ever. Although he looks very difficult to imitate, that’s a mistake. Now we show you the basics of braiding with French braid and with the help of our photo guide you are a professional in 5 minutes.

Step 1:

Split the upper hair into three similar strands. The left strand first goes over the middle strand and then to the right. The middle strand goes under the left strand and to the left. The right strand goes over the left strand and into the middle. This is the algorithm of the French braid to be repeated.

Step 2:

Now comes the harder part: When braiding the outer strands, you add a new section of hair.

Step 3:

Repeat the algorithm with the addition of the second step until the hair is interwoven.

Step 4:

Tie the end of the braid with a hair tie. (Avoid the hair ties with metal piece!)

The whole hair braid: braid for shoulder-length hair

The wreath” has not lost its romantic image but enjoys greater popularity nowadays. true to style for the daily and noble look this braiding is always suitable. follow steps get a successful result.>

Step 1:

Divide the hair into two similar parts.

Step 2:

Start weaving the hair down from side to side until you circle your head. You can repeat the algorithm of the French braid.

Step 3:

Weave the rest of the hair and tie with the help of a hair tie.

Step 4:

Insert the end of the braid under the braided ring and hold it with a few hair clips.

Step 5:

For a casual look, loosen the braid with your fingers.

Simple braiding hairstyles: lateral braids braiding

Put great accents in your shoulder-length hair with a nice casual braid.

Step 1: Curl your hair

Step 2: Comb.

Step 3: Take three hair clips

Step 4: Pull a piece of hair that you later braid.

Step 5: Fix the rest of the hair with the braces

Step 6: Split the hairline into three strands

Step 7: Braid a normal braid

Step 8: Tie the end of the braid with hair tie and fix the braid to the back of the head with some braces. Spray the braid with hairspray.

To taste: Pull apart the interlaced strands for a casual effect.

The trendy look – Cornrow braided hairstyles

Unusual ideas for Cornrow hairstyles

Great inspiration for shoulder-length hair braiding: some variations of the farm braid

How professionals braid their hair: waterfall braid

Semi-open” braiding : beautiful ideas for hair>

Great and simple braiding hairstyles for re-styling:

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