It happened to everyone more than once: they are sad, have lost their hope, some also think that their life is no longer worthwhile. But that is a very wrong way. That is why our experts have collected their findings & observations and decided to create a list containing different short words of wisdom in the form of quotes

Short wisdom that can bring back the good mood

Weisheiten, die einem in schwierigen Zeiten Trost, Mut und Hoffnung spenden können, oder einige, die einen auch einfach nur zum Nachdenken anregen können. Short words of wisdom that can give comfort, courage and hope in difficult times, or some that just can make you think. Here you will find wisdom on all situations and situations of successful people who were crazy enough to think that they can change the world. And the craziest thing is that they made it.

Few people think, and yet everyone wants to decide.

The time is in us,
and we are in time.

The purpose of life is not to be a successful person, but a valuable one.

There are only two ways to live. oder so, als wäre alles ein Wunder. Either as if nothing was a miracle, or as if everything was a miracle.

The purest treasure life offers is a spotless call.

Live the way you think is right
and go where your heart leads you.
Life is a play
without previous theater rehearsals.
So sing, laugh, dance and love!
And live every single moment of your life,
before the curtain falls
and the play comes to an end without applause.

The same leaves us alone. But the contradiction is what makes us productive.

In this gallery you will find the 30 best life wisdom to think about. Wisdom in the form of quotes, suggestions and parables, which you can also send to your friends and colleagues.

And at the end of this article comes the most important piece of advice: have the courage to look at things differently.

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