Roman blinds are in principle a good alternative to traditional curtains. They refresh the room and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. If you have a nice fabric available, you can even sew a Roman blind yourself. In a few simple steps and with a bit of basic knowledge, the end effect could really be achieved! We have put together some hints for you. Get down to business and have fun!

Sew the Roman shade yourself – practical and at the same time stylish

Sew materials to the Roman shade yourself

All you need to sew a Roman blind yourself are some business materials and lots of creativity! First of all, you need a suitable substance. Make sure the fabric is enough for that and do not forget the fact that seams always lose a bit of length. In addition, you need ring bands, rings made of plastic, a four-edged wood, as well as eyelets, straps for the loops and finally cords for the train and a cord rewinder.

Sew on roman shade yourself – short instructions

Before you begin to study the Roman shade, you must decide whether to attach the strips vertically or horizontally. If you fancy that the fabric is lighter and more relaxed, opt for the vertical version. Take care that you need 25 cm of fabric per fold here. If you prefer precision and an accurate and strict alignment of your Roman blind, then you should rather deal with horizontal bands. Because crossbars are also inserted in the variant with the horizontal band, you should always prefer them in the first place for wide windows or skylights. In terms of fabrics for the Roman shade, you can give your creativity free rein. However, you will get a fancy effect if you opt for a semi-transparent, partially translucent fabric. So in the room bright and happy mood prevail. But if you are looking for privacy and you do not want to strain your eyes, you may also want to use special aluminum-coated fabrics that reflect sunlight and are easy to care for.


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