Short Bob is a classic haircut that every woman should try at least once in a lifetime. The reason – this hairstyle has timeless elegance and will enhance your beauty much better by emphasizing the face. Although today other variants of Bob hairstyle gain in popularity – such as the Short Bob: the eternal hairstyle is also an absolute hit in 2018!
kurzer Bob Volumen Pony Taylor Swift
kurzer Bob schwarze Haare Rihanna
kurzer Bob wellig mit Pony romantischer Look
kurzer Bob altmodisch
kurzer Bob Seitelscheitel leichte Wellen
kurzer Bob seitlicher Pony blondes Haar
kurzer Bob modern tragen asymmetrischer Schnitt
lockiges Haar kurzer Bob
kurzer Bob Weissblond Taylor Swift
kurzer Bob glatt wellig Kirsten Dunst
kurzer Bob stilvoll Keirra Knightley
kurzer Bob asymmetrisch geschnitten blond
kurzer Bob glatt schulterlang Seitenscheitel
kurzer Bob asymmetrisch Gesicht rund
kurzer Bob nach hinten gestylt tiefer Seitenscheitel
kurzer Bob asymmetrisch dunkle Haarspitzen
Short Bob is a very multi-faceted hairstyle, is ladies at any age and can easily conjure up a younger appearance. In addition, the styling possibilities of a short bob are almost limitless, and in this article we show you the modern looks that will be worn in 2018. The hairstyle is undoubtedly a trend this year, suitable for any hair type and face shape – a fact that makes this haircut universal! The length can vary and reach to the chin or the shoulders – depending on your personal preferences. The hair can be cut both smooth, which is particularly elegant, as well as stepped – for more volume. If you choose a short bob, you could straighten your mane or use the curling iron – the light waves (or so-called beach waves) in 2018 are an absolute hit and will give you a romantic look.

Short bob haircut for any age, face shape or season

kurzer Bob kinnlang glatt Pony
kurzer Bob Kupferfarbe
kurzer Bob Hinterkopf gestyft Volumen
kurzer Bob blond Julianne Hough
kurzer Bob glatt schulterlang Mittelscheitel
kurzer Bob Seitenscheitel tief
kurzer Bob nach hinten gestylt Gigi Hadid
kurzer Bob feine Haare blond
kurzer Bob asymmetrisch Emma Roberts
kurzer Bob schwarze Haare dick
kurzer Bob blonde Haare Cheryl Cole
kurzer Bob mit Pony klassisch super elegant
kurzer Bob moderner Look Balayage
Short Bob is also the perfect hairstyle for every season: in winter he looks great with hats and hats, and in summer his length allows the faster drying of your hair in the air, so you spare yourself the annoying blow-drying. It can be worn both as a transition to a long mane and as a permanent hairstyle – if you find the variant of the short bob that suits you best, you will fall in love with the hairstyle! As nicely mentioned, the short bob can give the fine hair more volume, but it also makes thick hair more airy and makes it easier to style. The trend haircut is also a good choice for naturally curly hair – in this case, your mane from ear height should be very easily graded. So the curly hair gets structure and loses the unwanted volume. The barber should not overdo it with the step cut – otherwise your head may look too round.

Short Bob wear modern

kurzer Bob asymmetrisch Seitenscheitel
kurzer Bob Mittelscheitel leichte Wellen
kurzer Bob modern Beach Waves
kurzer Bob goldblond Beyonce
kurzer Bob lockiges Haar
kurzer Bob blond asymmetrisch Seitenscheitel
kurzer Bob blondes Haar modern asymmetrisch
kurzer Bob Seitenscheitel Ciara
kurzer Bob Pony lang Dakota Johnson
kurzer Bob asymmetrisch Flechtfrisur
kurzer Bob schwarze Haare asymmetrisch
kurzer Bob moderner Look gestuft asymmetrisch
kurzer Bob Aschblond asymmetrisch
Especially fashionable today is the so-called A-Lily Bob – an asymmetrical short haircut in which the front hair part is left longer, while the hair is cut short at the neck. This gives the hair at the back of the head more volume, while the longer strands at the front gently play around the face. Moreover, the modern, asymmetrical shape is a real eye-catcher – take a look at our photos to see for yourself. Actually, all variants of the stepped bob hairstyle impress with their modern and cheeky charisma, but that does not mean that the classic short bob, where the hair is cut on a line, is not up to date – just the opposite! He will look playful with a side pony, and with a straight – a little stricter and elegant. For the hairstyles with pony but also the face shape plays a certain role, so it is recommended to consult with your hairstyle before you decide on a specific variant.

Styling a short bob – tips

kurzer Bob mit Pony Emma Stone
kurzer Bob blond asymmetrisch Volumen Hinterkopf
kurzer Bob klassisch stilvoll
kurzer Bob Pony Katie Holmes
kurzer Bob Balayage messy Look
kurzer Bob modern tragen asymmetrisch gestuft
kurzer Bob blond asymmetrisch super elegant
kurzer Bob Retro Wellen
kurzer Bob mit langem Pony brünett
To style the short bob, the high-quality, round hairbrush is actually the most important. This is used every time when blow-drying to get the hair in shape. Dry your hair with lukewarm air until it is almost dry, then raise the temperature and use the round brush. Note the direction in which you hold the hair dryer – the air flow should run in the brush direction, so that your hair does not become frizzy and can be styled better and easier. Do not forget to use a heat shield product based on your hair type. The round brushes with wild boar bristles are best for fine hair because they are gentle and give your mane more shine. For fine hair, the stylists recommend – regardless of whether you wear your short bob wavy, curly or smooth – to pull a deep side vertex, so your mane is a little more voluminous. A good choice is also the so-called “Clavicut” – a trend hairstyle in which the hair on the forehead is cut fringed, so that the strands delicately wrap around the face.

Improve the appearance of a short bob with some color: Dip Dye and Multicolor Hair

kurzer Bob rote Haare modern
kurzer Bob Dip Dye blaue und grüne Nuancen
kurzer Bob Dip Dye grün
kurzer Bob blonde Haare dunkler Haaransatz
kurzer Bob Multicolor Haare
kurzer Bob Multicolor Strähnen
kurzer Bob Dip Dye Pink dunkler Haaransatz
How can you give your short bob a particularly attractive and eye-catching look? With some color of course! Today, there are two bold trends that you can try for yourself – using flashy, unusual hair colors that would make your short bob a real huckucker. One trend is called “dip dye”, where the hair lengths and tips are dyed in a shade that contrasts with the natural color of the hairline as much as possible. In order to get this high-contrast, rich color effect, you also use shades such as pink, blue, purple and green, which are really trendy this year. The other idea that we present to you are the super modern multicolor strands, which use as many different tones as possible from the color palette. These are carefully brushed into the hair and the result is more than remarkable. However, this technique requires a bit more experience, so you should find a hair stylist who has done multicolor hair before.

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