Bring order to the hallway by building an original, rotating Shoe rack build yourself: necessary materials and tools
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Shoe shelving itself is actually much easier than you might think. There are very original variants, such as the rotatable shelf, which we present to you in the article. It consists of five floors, which are attached to each other with wooden dowels, looks really attractive and offers the opportunity to present your shoes in an original way. The shelf can be made larger or smaller – depending on your needs and personal preferences. For this you need the following materials:

  • 3 MDF boards (1.30 x 60 x 120cm) or a large board (120 x 240cm)
  • 2 round wooden dowels (120cm long, 2.5cm in diameter)
  • 9 hanger bolts with wood thread on both sides (6 x 63mm)
  • 8 wood screws (1.2cm long)
  • 6 wood screws (at least 3.8cm long)
  • turntable
  • wood glue
  • Primer and colored varnish (as desired)

For the construction you will also need the following tools: a jigsaw, drill, tape, screwdriver, small nails or screws, pliers, hammer, string, pencil, and grinder.

Build the shoe rack yourself: Cut out 6 round wooden boards and sand smooth

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Cut six round plates with a diameter of 60cm from the MDF boards. For this purpose, measure from one of the edges of the large plate 30cm towards the center. Mark with a cross and repeat on the adjacent side so that the two marks intersect – this will give you the center of the circle. To be able to draw this straight, we suggest you to try out the following method: center on a nail, connect this mithilve from a 30cm long string with a pencil, and sign the circle. Finished! Repeat the same process five more times. Now you should cut out the circles with the help of a jig saw, and smooth all edges smooth.

Make your own shoe rack – drill holes

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If you have already made the “floors” of the shoe rack, pick up one of the circles, measure 27cm from the center, and mark the point with a cross. Repeat this process twice more to get three points that are the same distance apart and form a triangle. Then drill three holes in these locations using a 3/8 “drill bit. Repeat five more times – the easiest way is to use the finished plate as a pattern for the rest. Next you should cut the two wooden dowels with the saw into 6 equal parts. Drill holes in the middle of both ends of 6 wooden dowels – these are for the hanger bolts. The remaining dowels should be pre-drilled again – this time for the wood screws.

Assemble the shelf

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The next step is actually to assemble the shelf – the two outer wood panels are attached to the dowels with wood screws, while for the three middle ones you can use hanger bolts. Finally, the construction should be quite stable.

Mount the turntable and paint the finished shelf

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You need the sixth round wooden plate to attach the turntable. Tighten the outer ring in the center of the plate and add plenty of wood glue in the inner ring. Then glue the plate to the shelf and wait until the glue dries out completely. In the meantime, apply primer paint to the shelf and fill in all visible screw heads. If everything dries well, apply another coat of any color – in at least two coats to get a good coverage color. Your new, rotating shoe rack is ready!

More ideas for practical shoe shelves

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