Old craft is experiencing a heyday. Furniture made of real wood is more popular than ever. Preferably made of wood with history. The reason – the solid wood furniture is unique – in design, shape and pattern! As unique as you are! For the interior, the real wood is the material of choice. It provides comfort and healthy indoor climate and brings a feel-good factor in every room. From the oak solid oak kitchen to the dresser in the acacia living room, to the unique tropical wood dining table – Sheesham: The solid wood furniture conveys a sense of security and storytelling. While the oak coffee table is reminiscent of pleasant forest walks, Sheesham’s desk invites you on a journey into the Orient. In this article we introduce you to this exotic natural wood and show you creative ideas on how to use it to make your home comfortable and comfortable. Immerse yourself in Indian culture and discover the secrets and magic of Sheesham Wood.

The story of Sheesham – from India to your living room!

Sheesham is a tropical and high quality wood that originates from India and Pakistan. Sheesham is the name of the land tree from India – a tree 25 meters high. Still known by the term “rosewood” or “rosewood”, the sheesham wood differs substantially from the rosewood. The real sheesham wood is exported from India, where it is grown on plantations.

Sheesham wood impresses with robustness and striking grain that gives a rustic effect in the modern interior. Today, sheesham wood is cultivated especially in Pakistan, but it is more and more often found in German carpentry for handmade solid wood furniture. Following the idea of ​​producing unique furniture for every need, Möbel Eins also offers high quality Shesham furniture made of certified real wood.

What makes the Sheesham wood especially beautiful in the interior?

The Sheesham furniture is a highlight not only in the rustic style , but find their application in modern and industrial” furnishing style> . Sheesham wood is characterized by an irregular distribution of color stripes, so it can be perfectly combined with other natural materials and woods. Every piece of Sheesham wood is unique and draws the eye. It harmonizes particularly well with flashing iron or dark metal, because the eye-catching grain forms a fancy contrast with the metal frame. This combination is the perfect choice for a solid” wood> table, benches or desk. Whether you pickle, varnish or oil the Sheesham furniture in a colored or transparent way, the characteristic structure of the wood is always stylishly staged. Sheesham, like every natural wood, needs the necessary care so that the beautiful grain is always well in focus.

Such a work of art from the workshop “nature” must be maintained properly

Sheesham is considered precious wood and is durable if you polish it regularly and clean it. In general, the Sheesham solid wood furniture is characterized by its easy-care properties. As with other woods, it is recommended not to use sharp cleaning agents, it is only a dry dusting or cleaning with a microfiber cloth or cotton cloth. It is important for sheesham wood to protect the material from heat or direct sunlight. If the piece of furniture is a table, be careful with hot coffee pots because hot objects will damage the wood and create unpleasant stains that are hard to remove. In order for the unique wood grain to shine again with the same unaltered shine, we recommend a polish that must be applied a maximum of three times a year.

Sheesham furniture impress with uniqueness and characteristic grain

We hope that Sheesham Wood furniture will please you and you can enjoy its splendor for a long time. Because the love of craftsmanship is a love that will last forever. In the end we are happy to say: that’s nice, it’s not just furniture, that’s art!

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