How do you want to design your own garden? If you are looking for creative ideas for

Create a charming water garden!

Creating the garden – How to build fountains in your own garden?

You need the following materials:

Water pump;

Hose or watering can;


Metal grid;



How can you build a beautiful fountain yourself?

Before you start construction, you should determine the optimal location!

First, dig out a hole for the mason’s bucket! Pay attention to a flat support surface, so that the pump stands straight and can work optimally!

Then fill cavities between bricklayer bucket and the earth wall with earth! This ensures a firm position of the bucket.

Then dig the hole so deep that the edge of the mason’s bucket is a few inches above the edge of the bed.

Place the water pump in the Maurer bucket and fix it with a stone! Make sure that the hose of the water pump can be passed through the hole.

Use small stones that stabilize the big one! Depending on your wishes, you can also place a metal grid on the mason trough! The grid serves as a base for stones, gravel and decoration.

Put four squared timbers around the bucket into the earth and use them as support points! This prevents bending of the grid!

Lead out the power cable and decorate the fountain with ornamental gravel! Bury a pipe in the ground and lay the cable through the pipe!

Then fill the mason trough with sufficient water! Use a hose or watering can for this! Cover water pump with water!

Finally, select plants for the fountain! Plant the well with different plant species!

Finished is the beautiful fountain! A very easy task, right?

Build fountains yourself – that’s how it works!

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With a little imagination and craftsmanship, a fountain is easy to create. Do not you mean it? More inspiring suggestions can be found in the following gallery! Let yourself be influenced!

Gardening – Creative Ideas for DIY Fountains!

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