Old socks in the closet that you will never wear again? Do not throw them away! We have a very creative DIY idea on how to use the old socks and make your kids happy. Why children? As in this post, we talk again about our best job – crafting with children. We’ll show you how to make stuffed toys out of old socks, and above all how to make a friendly, cute one   Make Octopus plush toy yourself!

Sew Sock cuddly toy yourself

Why should we sew cuddly toys ourselves, not just buy. No, this is not about money. Selecting the right fabric for the kids and tinkering with love is always better than an expensive, finished stuffed animal. But why make teddy cuddly toys? Because they are made without stitching, they are perfect for crafting with children together. If you make stuffed animals yourself, you can let your creativity run free and tinker beautiful colorful toys. With the right material, they are also ideal for babies. Do all these benefits convince you to start your next DIY project? Let’s go!

Make Octopus plush toy out of socks

The required materials:

Make Octopus cuddly toy yourself – instructions

You do not need to cut the sock below for this guide. Instead choose a colorful sock and fill it up with cotton wool. There are several techniques to fill, but for small children, cotton wool is best. If you make something for decoration, then you can also use rice.

Knot the stuffed!

Use the pair of scissors to cut off the socks to get the octopus sensors.

Cut off the sock as shown on the following pictures:

Cut 3 circles of different size from felt or fabric remnants – these will be used for eyes!

Glue the eyes on the head of the octopod

Finished! Your child has a new friend!

Another free tutorial on how to make an Octopus cuddly toy without sewing

You need this:

Step-by-step instructions:

Sewing instructions for Octopus cuddly toy

Our team wishes you wonderful moments while working with children!

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