Cushions are for good sleep! They beautify the rooms of each apartment! The interior design fails without matching decorative cushions, do you agree? This popular design element provides more cosiness and homely atmosphere at home! Cushions offer a wide range of colors and fabrics for every desire and style! Why should you buy new pillows? You do not need to waste money for that. You already have another option. Cushion cover sewing is our DIY decoration tip for you! Today we suggest you a sewing guide on how to quickly and easily sew a pretty pillowcase!

Anyone who wants to give their living space a new, fresh look needs to sew a pillowcase!

How can you sew a pillowcase? The sewing instructions will help you to answer this question immediately! This guide is totally beginner-friendly and ideal if you want to give your loved one something unique. It is also suitable for many pillows. Dress the pillows with a self-sewn custom pillowcase!

You need this:

a simple pillow;

Paper, ruler and scissors;

Fabric according to your request;

a zipper;

Sewing machine; Yarn; pins; tape measure;

Even sewn pillowcase as a best gift!

sewing instructions:

Create a template for the pillowcase!

Measure the width and height of the pillow and write down the measurements!

For the cutting you have to calculate the following dimensions: height (height of the cushion + 3 cm); Width (width of the cushion + 3 cm);

Then cut out two pieces of fabric!

Decide on which side the zipper should be used and cut the zipper by the meter to fit! The zipper should be cut 8 cm shorter than the side length!

Overcast all edges of the two fabric pieces either with an overlock machine or a zigzag stitch! Then stitch the seam you want to sew on the zipper, 4 cm at each end together!

Put the zipper on the newly stitched seam so that the teeth point to the top of the fabric! Then insert a zipper foot into the sewing machine! Then stitch the right side of the zipper and then the left one! Use matching yarn for this!

Lay the pieces of fabric right to right and stitch with 1.5 cm seam allowance along the edge of the three open side edges! Secure the beginning and end of the seam with back and forth stitching!

It is best to cut the seam allowance in the corners at an angle, so that the corners are nicely formed!

The new pillowcase is ready!

You already have a new cushion cover that you can wash!

That’s how it’s done!

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Step 11

Depending on your taste, you might try to sew decorative pillowcase in pink or beige or make a colorful one for your bed yourself! Surprise with creativity! Discover even more creative ideas for unique pillowcases in the following gallery! We hope you enjoy watching!

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